Sunburned Eyeballs

Happy Monday!!! (oxymoron?)

Yesterday was a looooong day, but full of wonderful things. First off? I went over to Morgan Hill for the Morgan Hill marathon. I simply met up with my co-spot-16-course-marshal and we waited for the runners to come by. We were at the railroad tracks where (luckily) a super fast train went by only once. Also, we got to see the runners come down from the hills at around mile 19 and then then as they came back from a loop going toward the finish (mile 23.5-ish). It was good to see everyone twice.

Also great? To see the Running Addicts PACERS as well as the racers!

There was a lot of head-turning and looking back and forth for runners coming from either direction. It was my first time volunteering, and standing there for 5 hours was not easy… but it was certainly easier than running a marathon on a hot day (it was just above 80 degrees around noon).

I clapped my hands, repeated, “You can do it!” “Go marathoners!” “Looking strong!” “Dig deep!” And the runners were so very very nice and appreciative <— much love to those who even thanked us for being out there. I was surprised by how kind they were, even when they were so incredibly uncomfortable and hurting! Marathoners are pleasant folks 🙂

You can see Blair on the right. I forgot to get a picture with him, but he was my Spot 16 co-cheerleader. He rode his bike like 25 miles to cheer and then rode it back home for 25 miles. o__O Coool.

He was also smart by bringing a big hat. I was not-so-smart and only brought sunblock. I reapplied twice during our time out there… but unfortunately, we were facing the sun and had no shade. I didn’t bring sunglasses OR a hat/visor, so a few hours later, I noticed the whites of my eyes were SUPER RED. Darn. My poor eyeballs got sunburned.

Luckily, my contact lenses have some UV protection… but still. I think I may have mentioned the importance of wearing sunglasses or at least a visor to protect the eyes from UV damage (since I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to rub sunblock on your eyes)… and I didn’t even listen to my own words. Lesson learned!

Anyways, many many congratulations to all the racers and pacers yesterday! You guys are amazing!!


They let us know we could leave right around the time they said we would be done with our post, and I headed straight to church.

This is such a lovely site:

This group of individuals is so special. Why? Because there is actually nothing individual about us (well okay, only a little). The way that people share, encourage, and support each other- even when it may be a hassle or inconvenient- it’s really awesome. We all know each other well and it feels like a big family gathering every Sunday. I love my church 🙂


We didn’t do a work out today. First off, I didn’t remind the ladies to bring their workout stuff AND… my legs were tired from standing around all morning.

Instead, a few of the sisters and I went to Mitsuwa (Japanese market) for some dessert.

I was immediately drawn to a big booth where they were making sweet pumpkin obanyaki. 

I didn’t even know what “obanyaki” was, but “sweet pumpkin”, “red bean”, “green tea”… those are the words that made me wait in a long line for these babies.

I bought six, brought them to church and let people eat a tiny bite. They were gone in like 10 minutes. I super duper liked them because it’s chewy, got red bean, and freshly made. Definitely will have to go back to get some more during the weekend!


Joe and I went to my home and snuck in a furry friend:

Whenever Joe is there, she will give all her attention and energy to me. I simply become something to lay down on when she’s taking a break from playing with Joe:

^She’s laying on my arse… like a cat. Hecka weird.

So we were watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary about a master sushi chef in Japan.

And when our stomachs started rumbling, there was really only one thing we could possibly eat for dinner…


We were SO IMPRESSED with the quality of the nigiri. Oh, by the way, this is Kenzo, an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. The first time we went, we thought it was okay… but this time around, it was awesome. I love that they don’t make the nigiri rice all huge AND that the sushi is cut thinly and long enough to cover the rice in such a pretty way.

Visually appealing, and it tasted so good!!! Also, the orders came out pretty quickly and the service was much much better than last time! Going to have to come back here again when we’re ready to beast on sushi.

To finish, we had “sweet potato fries”, which were just sweet potato tempura with powdered sugar. Good dessert (though that’s not what we were expecting):


So yesterday was just full of fun and excitement!

Today will be full of WORK. “Work” meaning studying and a long run. My long run today will probably be from 16 to 18 (my legs are “pre-fatigued” from 55 minutes on the elliptical in the morning and standing for 5 hours). Like the Hanson brothers’ running philosophy, I’ll be simulating the last 16-18 miles of a run instead of the first 16 to 18 miles. I think.

I’ve only read one article about their method. We’ll see how today’s run goes. We’ll also see if all-you-can-eat sushi before a long run day is good fuel.

Have a happy Monday!

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