It Was Supposed to be Sunny

Happy Tuesday!

So yesterday was my first real run with my new PureFlows (by Brooks). I was super excited to see whether my ITB would get tight and act up (I guess more of the excitement was in the not-getting of tightness. My grammar is weird sometimes).

I checked the forecast and I saw all “sunny” and in the mid-60’s until 6:30pm (when the sun would set). Nice nice.

Well, guess what. I was lied to:

Yeah. I made my way to the Great Highway path, I was looking forward to seeing the ocean and the surfers. Nope, not much action today. I also didn’t have my music, so I just kept replaying a song in my head (actually, a song I don’t really like was stuck in my head… darn you, Bieber!!!).

I went up the hill and wanted a picture of the ocean (which just three days ago looked GORGEOUS)

Now it just looks like you’re looking into the mist or a cloud. No, there is a beach right there.

Also, know what you’re looking at here?

^Well, it’s just fog and stuff… but behind it is the Golden Gate Bridge. Good gracious, it looked lovely today.

Here’s what I remember it looking like from last week:

I know. I’m an artist. It’s pretty much the only thing I’m good at. And if you’re asking where the vertical beam thingies are for the other side of the bridge, then you are probably an artist like this guy.

Anyways, I just got to enjoy the trees and let my mind wander when there was nothing to look at.

I didn’t go too far into the trail because it was still kind of wet/muddy and my PureFlows are brand new… it’s too soon to get them uber dirty. Also, I realized I should be heading back home because the sun would set and I didn’t want to be caught stranded out here by myself… it’s kind of spooky:

So on my way back, there was a stretch of about 2.5 miles where I totally zoned out. I wasn’t worrying about the pace (because it was an easy pace) or how far I had run so far… I was just out there collecting fog on my face, breathing, and praying. I also felt light on my feet, almost like I was 10 pounds lighter. So awesome. That pace was actually around 8:25 for a couple miles. Then I went over to Lake Merced and decided there was enough sunlight to let me run around most of it.

The last 1.5 miles of the run was basically all uphill. These hills are not terrible when it’s a short run, but sorta terrible at the end of a longish run. Luckily, I was able to power through and run up the whole time! 15.81 miles in 2:16:53 (that was the moving pace. I forgot to stop the timer when I got back, so it was running for like 20 minutes while I washed up. Whoops).

Here’s what the hills looked like (elevation gain of 636 feet):

I’m happy with this run. Sure it wasn’t even 16 miles, but I had no knee pain and kept a pretty good pace near the end. The overall/average pace was 8:39. But here’s the cool part (looking at the last couple of miles when I went around the lake):

Mile 13: 8:18

Mile 14: 8:12 (all uphill from here)

Mile 15: 8:08

The last 0.8 after mile 15 was a cool down… but anyways, I’m happy with my run ending with three strong miles. That adds up to a NEGATIVE SPLIT, friends. Woo hoo!! I’m always terrible with negative splits, but today, I’ve finally done it!

Pretty sure that big ol’ hill in the middle of the run helped to keep my pace conservative in the first half. I knew that once I came down, I could push the pace.

Thank God for this run (even if it wasn’t sunny. Actually with Sandy getting wild on the East Coast, it would have been kind of messed up to see bright and sunny California, huh?). The cooler weather might also be why I was able to run faster? Since I wasn’t suffering from the heat.

Also, I brought a Peanut butter GU with me, but I ended up not needing it! I guess that sushi dinner the night before kept me nice and plump enough to not require any more fuel.


Woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks. Nine hours of sleep after a long run can do that, huh?

Also, no ITB pain, and my muscles aren’t that sore (protein right after the run, followed by light stretching and the Stick to roll everything out)!

Hope you had a good start to your week! (And I think the East Coast is without power/electricity. We’ll be praying for your safety!).

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