Useless Biceps

Oh, goodness… my arms are completely useless. My biceps? They’ve been gone since last night (like 45 minutes after the workout). I was even having trouble while washing up!

So as I mentioned yesterday, I am following a YouTube video with five phases to build up to eventually doing my first real pull-up. That’s right, no tiny hop to get me started.

Hey, if I can do two real chin-ups by the end of the year or one real pull-up, I might still be real happy with it.

Anyways, I bought something in case I need to do this workout at home:

I had it set up and made sure it fit our door frame.

BUT since we were going to the gym, I didn’t really get to use it. So at the gym, I went straight to the TRX rack and got a little step to get me through these sets.

I got through the first set (from the top of the chin-up position and lower down as slowly as possible). 8 reps. Done. I had this kind of smug look on my face because I thought I would get through the other sets, no problem.

Second set, 8 reps done. The last two were a little tougher (I couldn’t lower down as slowly). Third set??? No. As soon as my feet came off the step, I just lowered down right away (no matter how hard I tried to make it slow). I tried a couple more… and it just wasn’t going to work.

I switched to the TRX cables and did a rowing move and then lowered back down slowly (longer on the negatives). I did 3 sets of 8 reps, then did a set on a weight machine (80#, 12 reps).

THEN I decided to completely trash my upper body and did some chest presses (the one where the handles move and the left and right bars are independent of each other).

50# for 16 reps, 60# for 14 reps, 70# for 12 reps, 80# for 8 reps <—whoops, it was supposed to be 10, but I was DONE.

Then I finished with one mile on the treadmill (7:55). Oh, man. Even my biceps were feeling funky while RUNNING (I guess because the biceps were contracted).


Came home and did 3x 1 minute of plank, then 1 minute side-plank on each side… and 5 minutes of shoulder burnouts.


So anyways, I guess I’m not even at phase 1 yet. It’s like Phase 0.25 or so. I’ll have to build up to make it through all five sets and then progress to phase 2 (obviously). I just hope it doesn’t take a super long time. I’ll really try to do it consistently so I could make it through to the end of the year.

At the very least, I’ll be building some amazing biceps and cut up back muscles! Unless I’m somehow doing the form so wrong that I get massive pecs. That would be a sad and strange story.


This morning, I am around the same soreness level as yesterday. I’m expecting DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)to hit near the end of today or maybe tomorrow.

Hope you are continually challenging yourself with your fitness routine! (Run faster segments, lift heavier weights, get more flexible, improve your balance, swim faster, do a few pull-ups, etc.)!

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