Back, Shoulders, Bi’s and Tri’s, Bi’s and Tri’s.

Yeah. My entire upper body is SOOOORE. I took a complete rest and digest day yesterday (digesting lots of good eats).

BTW, here is what I made (it’s like a mac’n’cheese AND frittata in one. Joanna and I ended up eating the whole thing, hahaha):

There is cauliflower and mushrooms under there. You can kind of see where the cheese meets with the eggs.

And I threw some basil on top of there:

Joanna used Sriracha sauce on top and I put cherry balsamic vinaigrette on it. Here’s what it looks like when it’s blasted with flash:

Wow. Sorry if it looks totally NOT appetizing, but obviously (since I’m eating it right out of the baking dish), we ate the whole thing.

Know what’s interesting? It was my roommates first time eating CAULIFLOWER. Hahahaha. Luckily, she liked it. She was watching me closely while I was making it (while telling me stories, hehe), out of fascination because she had never seen a dish like this before. Even for me, I was just making a whatever baked dish… just grab things out of the fridge and cabinet and see what happens. Glad it turned out yummy 🙂


What was I for Halloween?


^Ahahaha, just kidding. I stayed at home and studied while wearing a blue face masque. Yeah, I’m totally boring.

Oh, and I’m getting started on another painting. Dunno where I’m going with this one yet:



As I predicted, the DOMS kicked in much more around last night and today. Raising my hands up in the air is tough. Even tougher? Getting dressed. Good, Lord!

So today, I am supposed to do the phase 1 again (Do your first pull-up) video, but that was obviously not going to happen. Instead, I hit the gym for a fusion of speedwork and tempo’s.


2-mile warm up (7.0mph).

1.o mile tempo (7.6 mph), then 400 m jog/walk.

0.75 mile (7.8 mph), with 400 m jog/walk.

0.50 mile (8.0 mph), 400m jog/walk.

0.25 mile speedwork (8.6mph), 400m jog/walk.

0.50 mile (8.2 mph), 400m jog/walk

0.75 mile (8.0 mph), 400m jog/walk.

1.0 mile tempo (7.8mph), 400m jog/walk.

Then something like 0.25 mile jog to cooldown.

Total: 9.0 miles, 78:50. Obviously because of the speedwork and walking, the average pace doesn’t really matter.

Umm, my forearms and biceps were DYING during this run!

Also, I did a ladder type of workout here (you can see the speedier miles go down and back up, as well as the speed go up and back down). Though I was on the treadmill for a long time, this workout FLEW BY (except for the last 1-mile tempo, which seemed to never end).


I need to consume more protein. I’m finding that I can put on muscle pretty fast… which is okay, I guess. My lats and abs are already showing (as opposed to when I only run and everything gets kind of mushy… except my thunder thighs).

Watch out, Cam D. I’m coming for your guns, girl:


Or Jessica Biel:



Hope you are having a great first day of November (BLAST YOUR CHRISTMAS TUNES NOW)!

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