Into the City, We Went

Actually, it was more like we just came out of the school campus. 

My roommate, Joanna, is new to San Francisco/Bay Area, so I tried my best to show her some of the sites. She’s been dying to see the Golden Gate Bridge so we started off at the ocean and made our way up into a hiking area:

If you know me, I’ll make things into a workout… just because.

Actually, I was going to make this thing a run, but I decided to be nice and we just walked everywhere. I wore jeans just to make sure I wouldn’t decide to make this into a trail run 😛

Guess what. Joanna got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and she was SO EXCITED about it!

As you can see, it was an absolute perfect day for a walk! Blue skies, cool breeze, beautiful views. The roomie was just happy to be smelling the fresh air and to be surrounded by all the nature.

We walked a pretty long way in (trying to get closer to the bridge for a better picture).

Close enough.

We saw a lot of leaves and such. I almost killed a very large yellow creature (Joanna tried to warn me as I stepped 0.5mm from the banana slug. Good thing I missed it because if not… I probably would have ruined its day):

^With my peripheral vision, it just looks like a yellow leave. Whoops.

Anyways, the hike was easy and beautiful!

Cool. :). We were getting hungry so we walked all the way back to the car and headed out to Fisherman’s Wharf.

We didn’t know where to eat, but since monies was a factor, we just ate at a fast-foodish place:

Joanna went with a Polish dog with bell peppers. Turns out, she doesn’t like Polish dogs, hahaha. She did like the bell peppers, though.

Not to worry, I had some of my humongous chicken sandwich to share with her (mine was simple, but very tasty. That chicken was also cooked perfectly!):

Right in front of this place was Trish’s Mini Donuts (Pier 39)! Now… I must admit I’m not a huge fan of donuts, but these are different. And when eaten fresh, it’s just so super awesome:

Six mini donuts? Gone in 60 seconds, I tell ya. Jo’ is not a huge fan of donuts either but she liked these as well.

As we walked and talked this whole afternoon, we started freaking each other out by our similarities! We would be thinking the same thing or checking out the same things on the menus. I’m pretty sure she was just copying me because I’m so cool and stuff.

Ya see? So cool… and stuff.

We are going to come out another time and check out the Ferry Building or Union Square. For today? We were done.


Because I have to be a running nerd about this, I’ve looked at my Garmin records from the last time I went on this trail and we covered about 4 miles. THEN with the walking around at Fisherman’s Wharf I would have to say at least another mile. 5 miles? Not bad at all, for a rest day.

BTW, yesterday, I was thinking, “I think this is the MOST SORE my upper body has every been in my entire life.”

Why did this guy in a fisherman’s hat tell me to do these things? My biceps, forearms, and back muscles are STILL sore! 

SIGHHHH. I really hope (by some miracle) that my arms will be good enough to try going through phase 1 again. Remember… phase one was doing 5 sets of 8 reps (starting from top of chin-up and lowering down as slowly as possible). I barely made it through two sets. Still got owned.

Oh, yeah. I did about 30 minutes of core work this morning. Nothing spectacular… it was better than nothing.


Do you enjoy San Francisco? Where do you usually go when you visit?

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