Celebration Time! And Swollen Arms…

Okay. Let me rant first about my crazy DOMS experience.

So I’m building up to do pull-ups with a YouTube video. As you know, I’ve been complaining about the crazy soreness and such, yeah? Well after a close look at my arms, I noticed something was very very wrong:

WHAT THE SWOLLEN… My arms are not usually this gigantic and swollen. My forearms were abnormally big as well. I kept having Joe look at them and help me take pictures because it was weirding me out.

Then I remembered this happened to another blogger when she did a biceps workout and had swollen arms as well. So I blame it on the pull-up workout. I don’t think it’s because of the form or anything but it was just such an intense workout for my upper body (remember… thunder thighs are heavy).

But something weird… and perhaps stupid: I wasn’t TOO sore anymore on Saturday (though my arms were still huge barrels), so I decided to do the Phase 1 again. I had to modify it and do 6 sets of 6 instead of 5 sets of 8.

It was pretty sad because after about 3 reps of lowering down slowly, the rest were pretty much just dropping straight down to the floor. Oh, well. I took good breaks in between and did a total of 36 lower-downs. Phase 1- sort of complete. Then I did 36 reps of push ups (in 3 sets, haha). I hope one day I can bust out pushups and pull-ups like it’s no problem. 

Right now? There be some problems.

^I iced the arms for a total of 30 minutes each that night. It really helped with bringing the inflammation down.


Yesterday was sooooo lovely! Not only was the weather awesome, but the church service consisted of baptisms and confirmations!

^Umm… many of these high schoolers were shorter than me when I met them. Now they’re all growing taller and stronger than me. HMPH. Hehe, the cute boy being held by his mama is our pastor’s son. He was suuuuper excited about his baptism 😉

Lunch was AWESOME. There was plenty of food and lots of variety!

Happy baptism, confirmation, and birthday to all of you!


Yesterday’s workout was non-running. I left my Garmin at school and just didn’t feel like going to the gym… so I went to Joe’s and hopped on his spin bike and watched basketball and Naruto Shippuden for one hour. It was better than nothing. I also led a super short (30 minute) workout session. It was easier than most days… except for the wall-sits. That crap is super difficult!

I haven’t run since Thursday and it seems like it’s been such a long time! I’ll rather go to the gym tonight or do some hill repeats. Again, it’s never a certainty until the workout is done. My arms are still swollen, so I probably should do any upper body stuff.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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