Still Phase 1 and Run to Rescue

Yesterday, I continued on with my build-up to my first pull-ups. Still on Phase 1, and I still modified it to 6 sets of 6 slow-lower-down from chin-up position. I can tell that I’m a tiny bit stronger in that I can lower down a TEENY tiny bit more slowly than before. Still, by the last set, I can’t really do it slowly… I just complete drop to my feet.

After that, I did 60 push-ups using the pull up bar as well (on the ground). It was done in 5 sets. I’m not that much of stud to just bust out 60 push-ups with good form. That was followed by about 8 minutes of arm burnouts with 3-pounders. I can tell that these were actual burnouts because it was SOOOO TOUGH after even a few reps (because my arms were obviously dead from all the pull-ups and push-ups). Good stuff.

I have a feeling I probably shouldn’t be doing any upper body work yet because my arms are still swollen… but let’s just hope it will get better during the week. I’m too impatient to wait (being that I want to do at least two real pull-ups by the end of the year).

The first tip from the pull-up guy is to be lighter. If you weight less, you get to pull up less weight. Last week, I was consuming lots of extra calories and not running as much as I usually do. That added up to extra fluff… so I know I need to cut back on my nightly PB-cereal-yogurt-dried-fruit combos and also eat less sugar in general. I’m going to try to start the day with an egg and cheese sandwich or something instead of a banana and (sugary) protein/granola bar. We’ll see if that keeps me from wanting to snack every couple hours by keeping my blood sugar levels a little more stable.


I miss my long hair with the perm:

It was so easy to just shower and let it air dry into those nice waves. I think I’ll get the same perm when my hair gets a little longer (originally, I wanted to let it be all natural for  a while).

I also miss my younger brother (enjoying the pizza). He won’t be coming back home for Thanksgiving 😦

I can’t wait for his winter break so he can come home!!!


Okay, on a more serious (but exciting) note, I am slowly getting started with the organization She Is Safe. I watched this video this morning (about their “Run to Rescue” program) and thought it totally describes me and articulates the way I feel about running (“God gave me a love for running…” “God gave me thunder thighs so I could run around all over the place” <— jk, the guy doesn’t say that).

My target is to raise funds for putting an end to human trafficking, with my fundraising race being next year’s Big Sur Marathon. 

I’ll be talking about this goal from time to time. Again, I don’t want this to be a short-term mission. I want to work on this forever and ever (until the exploitation of women&girls and violence against them can be stopped). That means through prayer, advocacy, and creating awareness. I’ll be using my super fancy blog for that. 😛


I didn’t run yesterday… oops. I’ll be heading to the gym real soon though!

Hope you have blessed day!

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