Break From Running?

Yesterday… no running again.

I kind of remember last year when I was a little tired of doing all the same running around stuff (kind of like senioritis? Except I’m no expert or senior when it comes to running… still a noob). Instead I did Insanity, 41 minutes of jumping up and down and ski abs and level 1 drills. It was good and great practice for jumping over taxis and tires when I run the Men’s Health Urbanathlon! 


I am officially registered and ready to gooooo!

I think it was nice to be around the piers and Fisherman’s Wharf last week with Joanna. That’s were I’ll be running and going through obstacles on November 18th!



Yesterday, I went to the mall. I have 100 bucks for a Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Athleta card. I went to the Gap to check out their activewear (to find something to wear for the marathon that won’t chafe like my old Old Navy capris). This mall doesn’t have the active wear… but it had this nice jacket for when it rains:

I love the giganitic hood. It’s like I am in my own bat cave. Speaking of bat caves, check out John’s Bat Cave. <— funny funny guy. He’s an accountant who does programming and is learning how to draw and other cool stuff.

Anyways. That new jacket will come in handy when it rains later this week… or I hope it rains. It has been like 80 degrees in SF (perhaps that’s why I haven’t been wanting to go out for a run?).


Made something super yummy last night:

Haha, it’s pretty much a pesto-spaghetti squash-frittata. I roasted up some carrots earlier that day and added it around, the spaghetti squash was also baked and now I have like 2 pounds of it to consume this week… and these were the other random ingredients I added;

Mozzarella cheese, Garlic Gold, onion powder, Italian seasoning (which makes everything smell and taste super Italian), and S&P. I added about two tbsp of pesto near the end, and then the last of my fresh basil when everything was done.

BTW, that onion powder and Italian seasoning still tastes normal but I don’t know how old it is. I’m guessing they pretty much last forever?


Wow. I was extremely productive this morning. I pretty much have this afternoon to contemplate a long run (I’ve been doing that for the last few days and then end up not doing it. What’s wrong with me???).

I really do hope I get my butt outside for a run. I have a darned marathon to train for and missing a week of running is pretty much lamesauce.

Anyways… 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful day!


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