My First Ever Hill Repeats

I know. I’m a terrible runner if this is my first hill repeats. You know I hate anything resembling speedwork.

This hill ended up being a quarter mile (like one lap around the track, or 400m). So I was pretty much doing 400’s… except I like this way better than running around a track.

Anyways, you can see the nice little undulations here:

That’s right. I went up that flippin’ hill 6 times. I was planning on doing 5 and I lost count. Yeah, that’s how disoriented I was from sprinting up a hill. I love that last little part when you know you can give it your all because you get to turn around and jog/walk down the hill… only to repeat it a few more times.

I had music during this run. These days, I don’t bring my mp3 player… it’s nice listening to my labored breathing and letting my mind wander. But with this kind of workout? I don’t want to hear myself wheezing (<– jk. I don’t have asthma and I don’t really wheeze… but it always sounds pretty close to it when I do speedwork).

Why do I hate speedwork? It’s HARD. Again, those fast-twitch muscles just don’t exist in my thunder thighs. But I must admit… I’ve done five times more speedwork sessions than ever before (because the other years, I did like one speed session. This year, I think I did five-ish, hehe).

I ended by jogging around the neighborhood (all on campus) and realized we’ve got wonderful rolling hills throughout the campus and all the housing.

Total: 5.28 miles in 44:37 (8:27 per mile). Good pace considering the walking and jogging on the downhill parts during the hill repeats.

Also, I think I can run this route at night, too. It’s well-lit (I’ve seen it while driving around) and it’s so close to my home. Pretty sure my mom would not be okay with that… but considering that it gets dark by 5:30pm, I may have to resort to this run if needed.


My arms seem to be more normalish. Here’s the before:


If you’re thinking they look pretty much the same (except the second one is more pale looking because of the flash)… then you obviously don’t know my arms like I do. Haha, the swelling on the outside of the arms is gone (seen on the edge of my arm on the right side in the first photo).

Okay, FINE, I’ll stop staring at my arms and freaking out.


After my hill repeats, I did Ab Ripper X and 30 minutes of yoga <— holy goodness, the stretch was AWESOME!

Oh, and the Ab Ripper X video was super tough today! I really focused on tightening my core the whole time and it pretty much left my abs all shredded… or ripped, I guess.


Do you do hill repeats?

Are you good about doing speedwork?

2 responses to “My First Ever Hill Repeats

  1. great job kicking those hills’ butts! 🙂 haha…ya, as a runner with about 1/2 a fast twitch muscle in her entire body i’m not a big fan of speedwork and hill stuff…BUT i know how good it is for me. and no way to get better unless u bite the bullet. funny how the things that are often the best for us are wat we hate the most!! 😛 keep up the great work!

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