Extreme Caution

Ahaha… well the title makes it seem a lot more dramatic than it really is. I had a nice workout session at the gym (possibility of showers, so I didn’t want to risk it outdoors).


2-mile warm up, 17 minutes.

1-mile tempo (7.6 mph), 400m jog/walk

1-mile tempo (7.7 mph), 400m jog/walk

1-mile tempo (7.8 mph), 400m jog/walk

400m jog to cool down.

Total: 6 miles, 51 minutes. 

I was planning on running more but my right knee was starting to bother me. GASP. The CIM is about 4 weeks away (meaning my high mileage run should be around this week and then I taper for about three weeks).

I think today it had to do with the treadmill being all uneven (or perhaps it’s my legs that are uneven?). In any case, that last tempo starting making my knee feel super tight, so I decided not to do more tempo’s or make the cool-down any longer… and I got outta there.

I did 120 reps of core moves on the TRX machine (in 6 sets).

When I got back to my apartment, I did the pull-up Phase 1 again. 6 reps, 6 sets.

Wanna know what’s amazing? I can definitely tell I’m getting stronger. I was able to lower myself down nice and slowly, even close to the last reps in the last sets… or it at least took a full second longer than usual to lower down.

WAHOOOO. I didn’t expect to see such a jump in my strength so quickly!

After that, I did 5 sets of 12 push-ups using the pull-up bar on the ground. Then followed it up with about 5 minutes of burnouts.


I whipped up this egg, cheese, and spinach sandwich in five minutes:

It was consumed in 5 seconds. Each bite had a good helping of Sriracha sauce, of course (;

And I only stuffed the spinach in there at the last moment because I thought it should have some greens.


Still working on this one. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with it and I just paint over it. We’ll see if I end up sticking with it:


Tomorrow, I will try some treadmill miles if my knee is okay. Also, I’ll pop in for a Body Pump class if I feel like it.

For Saturday, I have a group run planned with my running group, the Running Addicts :D!

Have a blessed Thursday, everyone!

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