Protein, Protein, Protein

I just read a fascinating article about the diet industry. You should check it out… if you’re interested in fascinating stuff (I’m sure the information is something you are quite aware of, but I like the way it concludes. The last paragraph really sums it up very well).


Dude. I made a really yummy breakfast this morning. I remember seeing this idea in a magazine (can’t remember which one), and decided to make it since I had a bell pepper on hand:

Oops. I broke the yolk. Anyways, after it cooks there, just flip it.

You can eat it however you want… top it with cheese or salsa and have toast on the side.

Since I didn’t have time to fork-and-knive it, I just stuck it in some sandwich thins:

With Sriracha sauce and a slice of Swiss cheese. This breakfast has 22g of protein! What a good, easy, and filling meal!


After class, I found out our paper due date is going to be postponed. Booyah! I was originally going to work on it, but I decided to just workout.

Building up to first real push-ups, Phase 1.  Know what’s crazy? I did it the way it was prescribed (<– is that Crossfit lingo?). I did 5 sets of 8 reps lowering down from chin-up position.

I think next time, I’ll do a Phase 1.5 kind of thing and do some reps with pull-up hand grips and some with the chin-ups. If I can do 8 reps like that, then I’ll move fully into Phase 2.

After that, I did 60 pushups again with the pull-up bar on the ground (I think because my upper body is elevated, this actually makes it easy. Oh, well. At least I’m doing them on my feet. And this time, I did 4 sets of 15 reps.

Like a boss.

^Okay, I know I’m like half a year behind by saying that now. Sorry.

Ooh, I also did AbRipper X again. I think I hit my upper body in every angle.

What to eat for muscle recovery?

Simple protein pancake (taken from this blog with her 2-ingredient pancake).

I mashed up half a banana, one egg, and one scoop of protein powder:

Pour the batter on a greased pan, with the heat low. I stuck some cranberries in there because I had a tiny bit left in a bag.

Wait a loooong time. As Tina says in her blog, you gotta be patient before you flip.

And boom, perfect-O.

I topped it with a big scoop of almond butter:

Wow. According to my calculations, this thing has thirty grams of protein holy crap. 

Hahaha whoas. Pretty sure it will be enough to repair my muscles and everything!


I’ll be heading back down from SF soon. On the agenda? Grab lunch, go to the dentist’s office (night guard, hooray! <— haha, what a dork), drop by work, hang out with Joe, then meet up with the sisters for a fun night of BAKING.

Hope you have a great start to the long weekend!

3 responses to “Protein, Protein, Protein

  1. The egg & bell pepper thing looks DELISH!
    I tried something similar by lining a muffin tray with bacon, cracking an egg into it and then baking… that’s some paleo realness!

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