Recap in Pictures

OMG, so much happened on Friday and Saturday, but since I want to get in a run at the gym (or possibly cross train), I’ll post this in pictures:

Some of the sisters went to Tammy’s house Friday night and she was kind enough to pick up Boiling Crab and Krispy Kreme Donuts. 

Yikes. Shrimp eyeballs creep my out. I sometimes feel guilty when it’s staring at me…

^I ate pretty much this plate plus lots more shrimp and lots more veggies (…………and fries).

Then there was dessert:

I know. Looks so perfect, huh? That one in the top left corner is my favorite… pumpkin spice old fashioned donut. That’s pretty much the perfect donut for me (we cut them into five pieces so we wouldn’t get into a tussle, hehe).

And Tammy had a party and she brought home leftover guava cake:

We all savagely went after that plate of cake (especially this one girl with thunder thighs). It was soooo good.

Then we got to making SOAPS!

^No, I did not ask them to look super interested as Chimi stirred the melted soap thingy. They were just totally into it.

Anyways, here’s the finished ones:

^The ones that look black on the bottom are out of my attempt to make purple. In what world does blue and red not make purple???

Anyways, these were super cool:

Thanks, Chimi, for organizing for all the soap-making. These are soooo cute!


Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:08am and got ready for a group run with the Running Addicts.

I ran with Linh and Nik for most of the time. Unfortunately, my knee was starting to bother me around mile 6, so I had to take it really slowly for most of the run.

In any case, I covered 13.5 miles. Cool 🙂

Good job to all the RA’s who (I think) ran a (training) marathon yesterday!

Ya’ll are awesome! And thanks for the great picture, Linh!


Right after the run, I went to church for praise practice and the church clean-up. Now, all the pews are scuff-free and the windows are dust free (at least up to where I can reach when I tip-toe).

Then a few of the young adults out to Denny’s for breakfast and then went down toward Santa Cruz to go to Prayer Mountain!

Lots of greenery, gardens, beautiful trees, and fresh air. We were encouraged to meditate and pray. Meditation is hard! The mind just goes through a list of to-do’s and what-I-still-need-to-get-done.


Then a couple of us went to Kenzo Sushi for all-you-can-eat sushi!

^This one has sweet potatoes on top of it. I think it’s my favorite roll 🙂

These were about 2/3 of the orders we had. We put down a LOT of food (it was me and four guys… which pretty much equates to five guys).


Okay. Off to go work out!

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend (for those of you who have tomorrow off).

Have a great Veterans Day!

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