New Look

Guess what.

I was playing around and made my own SUPER BASIC header thingy. As you can tell, I really try to keep myself updated on how to work all the fancy programs and use graphics to really give my blog some pizzaz.

You like? I know. I’m totally impressed by it, too 😉


Holy crap. My knee yesterday was in a pretty bad condition. If you thought going UP three flights of stairs is tough, try going DOWN. I may have come off a little overdramatic by pulling over to the side and massaging my ITB while letting other people pass me.

But then again, it was actually becoming really painful… not just tight.

SO… if you remember, I have the Men’s Health Urbanathlon on Sunday. I am also supposed to have a group run on Saturday with the Running Addicts.

Since I really want to make it out to both (well, for the Urbanathlon, I would still totally go out there and do it… just super slowly), I used the Stick (super painful, BTW) to massage the ITB, my right shin, and… that’s it. My left leg is completely fine and everything else feels fresh. Just my poor right leg is getting owned for some reason.

Possible theories:

1.) My chair-sitting… I always sit like this for some reason:

^My apologies for displaying my ultra sexy home-wear. I should really try to be more conservative.

2.) Perhaps some hip imbalance or weakness. I can certainly do more pilates to target the outer thighs/hips/butt.

3.) I really doubt that it’s a weakness in the core (I read somewhere that it could be a possible cause). Underneath my jellyroll is a solid core, friends. I promise.

4.) My running form <– that’s certainly a possibility (overpronation, aggressive heal-striking, blah blah blah). I wonder if anyone in the Running Addicts could peek at my form and tell if I’m doing something totally funky.

… anyways, I was rubbing BioFreeze on my ITB while looking up all of these possibilities. I know BioFreeze doesn’t heal it, but it at least keeps it from hurting temporarily, which is what I need since there are stairs at my school house.


I woke up this morning and thought my knee was okay… only to go downstairs and almost fall over. It is SUPER painful going down the stairs. No running today.

And no running tomorrow… 😦 I really wanted to run with the Running Addicts.

I will hopefully be all healed up by Sunday’s event!

Instead of working the lower body (though I think elliptical or walking up the steps is okay), I decided to work the upper body.

Building up to real pull-ups PHASE 2 (5 sets of 8 reps), 60 pushups on the pull-up bar (4 sets of 15… which were really difficult today, for some reason), and arm burnouts. This is my usual routine. The only thing that seems to really be changing is the pull-up stuff. I think I’ll try Phase 3 in a couple days (or do some kind of phase 2.5 thing).

Not gonna lie… it’s pretty empowering to see my upper body get stronger. If you remember, I was a mess after the first workout (I only got through two sets in chin-up position before my arms were DONE). Now? I can do five whole sets in pull-up position! How incredible!

I think if I’m consistent, I’ll be able to do two real pull-ups by the end of the year 🙂


I hope you have a blessed Friday!

3 responses to “New Look

  1. YAY for having fun with graphics and u are sooo cute in ur header!! 🙂 if u ever do want some input from this chick, u kno where to find me too…hehe.
    ugh, ITB sucks!! my two cents would be to keep up with ur self-massage via the stick and if u have a foam roller. and also be sure to ice it too! do some stretches (when ur legs are warm from running) and if u don’t know of some i did a post on it and lmk i can give u the link there.
    i hope that ITB starts acting right for u!

    • OMG! It would be great if you could help me with my header (and btw, I’m an all-around WordPress noob… I barely know how to take advantage of what the site offers).
      I totally need to ice my knee! And I never stretch after warm-up… so I think I need to start doing that now And I would definitely love the link 🙂

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