Men’s Health Urbanathlon Recap

Oh. Em. Gee.

I loooooved the Men’s Health Urbanathlon!

But before that recap, let me show you a bit of what my Saturday consisted of…

^In-N-Out burger. This was our lunch for Bible study. YUM, DUDE.

Then I went out to the Sports Basement to help out as a parking patrol person. It was official because I got to wear a vest and wave a big flag:

It was nice talking to Chad and getting to hear about his awesome hiking adventures! And it was also great seeing the other Running Addicts out there helping with parking 🙂


Oh, yeah! Chimi also came over to help with baking (I think this was on Friday).

We got as far as the cheesecake part… and I was supposed to wait patiently for it to set before pouring the jello mixture… but I was too impatient.

It kind of ruined the look of the cheesecake. Also, I ruined it when I put a plastic cover on it and it stuck to the jello.

And THEN it kind of got owned when I tried to cut it.

Though it doesn’t look quite presentable, it was actually pretty tasty.


Anyways, back to the Urbanathlon.

I got to do a warm-up mile (8:24 pace) and felt so excited and blessed to not only have no rain but also the perfect temperature to run in (high 50’s or so). The sun was up and the skies were clear, meaning all the views were crystal clear and sooo beautiful.

I didn’t look at the elevation chart or anything… if they even had one, but around the first mile, we were met with a pretty big hill:

I know. What a monster of a hill! Luckily, I am blessed with thunder thighs, so I was able to power up the whole thing without stopping. It still ended up making it a 9:38 and 8:56 for the first two miles of the race.
There were a couple of obstacles after, which were easy for me to do. Tires, bungy cord “traffic jam”, going over barricades, etc. Then around mile 5-something, we went up and down the AT&T Park stairs… I’m not talking just once up and down, but kind of a “snake” thing where you ascend and descend about five times. My quads and arse were on fire!

Miles 3 through 5 were 9:22, 8:17, and 13:23. <—obviously, the stairs slowed me down.

Then running back down Embarcadero, there were no obstacles, so I just ran at a comfortably hard pace. 7:43 and 8:07 (for miles 6 and 7). <—- I really tried not to go TOO all-out because I’m supposed to be tapering.

Miles 8 to the end had some obstacles (of which I was not able… I had to step on a nice man’s leg to get over some of them. My apologies to the nice people who I had to step on). 8:51, 8:47, 9:07. 

My official finish time was 1:33:15. Total for the day was 11:05 miles in 1:41:41 (though the moving time was 1:37:10? I guess the obstacles appeared to slow me down so much that I wasn’t even moving, harhar).

Why did I love this run so much? Because I got to see the sites and discover a nice running route in San Francisco! I’m going to explore one day and see if I can find a route that goes all the way around (staring from my school) and connects to where we were running.

It was also challenging but a fun run. I knew I wasn’t going out there to run as fast as I could… I was going for about 75% effort level (for the most part).

Ooh, and I got some awesome post-race goodies:

I’m pretty sure the best thing I got here was this CamelBak Water bottle:

None of this would have been possible if it had not been for Albert from the Running Addicts for letting me know about the opportunity to participate in this great event. Thanks, Albert!


After getting washed up and coming heading straight to church, we were blessed with a wonderful service and then…

A Thanksgiving feast!

^I hope you can tell… that it is a turkey, hahaha.

The jello cheesecake was pretty much the most popular thing.

Or maybe not. There was a group of our youth kids looking at it and not wanting to touch it.

WELL, YOU MISSED OUT, GUYS. It was delicious (except for the chunks of cream cheese. Note: always let the cream cheese sit at room temperature. I guess two hours wasn’t long enough?)


It was obviously a decadent weekend. I’ll try to eat healthier and be smart about my workouts (not to push too hard!).

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week 🙂

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