I’m a Cheater

Here is a picture from the Men’s Health Urbanathlon from Sunday:

Thanks, Vinh, for this great picture!

I was supposed to go with my arms straight and somehow shift across… I think I moved my right hand once before being complete stuck so I had to cheat and use my foot on the cross-beams on the side.

WHOOPS… I did not prepare for such an obstacle (but the 10 feet of monkey bars right before this was crossed without cheating!).


I also, whenever we play Monopoly, I get the banker to slip in some extra 50’s and 100’s while handing me the monies.

Hehe, I joke about that one.


Today, I had work, then went straight to pick up Joe. We went to the gym to get in our workouts. He hit the benches and I went to the squat rack.

Lower Body workout:


12 x 115#

10 x 135#

8 x 145#

6 x 155#

Deadlifts (Romanian?):

80#, 12 reps, 4 sets. Easycakes… until the last set. I did these back-to-back with the lunges.


With 25# plate, did 12 backwards alternating on each leg, 12 forward on each leg, then 12 side lunges on each side for 2 sets.


I was done with all that in 30 minutes and sweating like crazy. Joe still had some more to do so I did some shoulder burnouts… then I did about 10 minutes of core work with the stability bar and got totally owned. I haven’t done them in a while so I was sweating even more. 

Who knew I would sweat so much without doing any cardio?


Even though my knees were a bit wobbly during the squats and tired during the workout, I feel fine right now… as if I didn’t even work out! I’m pretty sure I will have some DOMS tomorrow or Thursday. The soreness is going to hit me when I least expect it!


Short post for today. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, friends 🙂


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