Muscles and Weight Gain

Don’t you just love the many warm colors of autumn?

That tree is right outside our front door. It makes me happy whenever I see it.

The simply joys 🙂


Yesterday, I did the Pull-up Phase 2 (8 reps, 5 sets)- lowering down from the top of pull-up position. I’m definitely stronger, but I don’t think I can do Phase 3 until I lose about 5 pounds.

During marathon training, I generally gain 5 to 7 pounds (according to last year’s marathon). I think the fact that I’m eating a whole bunch of carbs and then tapering for about three weeks, my body bloats like MAD.

I should be smarter about it though… there’s a difference between eating a baked potato/sweet potato and eating cakes/cookies/desserts. Giving myself permission to eat whatever I want means I’ll wake up on race day feeling like the Michelin Tire Man. So again, I’ll try to be smart about my food consumption and not go overboard.

Anyways, I also did 60 push-ups (4 sets of 15). Still so flippin’ tough to do real push-ups (except for the first three sets were on the push-up bar, which makes it a little easier).


So you know how I did a lower body workout yesterday? And I wasn’t even sure if I’d be sore because I felt as if I didn’t even do a workout?

Well, I’m super sore today. It feels awesome to be sore from waist-down. Been a long time since I did squats and deadlifts.

But then… if I’m building muscle, I’ll be getting heavier (technically)… which will make the pull-ups a lot harder. Hmm…

That means I also have to lose fat and be better about my eating (or not-eating/over-indulging) to have a net loss of weight. Darnit.


I think I will put in some easy miles on the treadmill today. I hope it will help me get the blood flowing to help my legs recover.

Tomorrow is the Run Turkey Run 10K! It’s going to be another fun run and I’m excited to see everyone who’s running it tomorrow morning 😀

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve!

4 responses to “Muscles and Weight Gain

  1. good luck at the turkey trot!!! and great job on busting it out at the gym; soreness = more strength and definitely remember muscle weighs more so don’t let the scale numbers mess with ur head. focus on 1) how ur body is feeling/responding, as in getting stronger/faster and 2) how clothes fit.
    have a wonderful turkey day! 🙂

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