Run, Turkey, Run 10K

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (or for those of you reading this later and waiting in long lines, Happy Black Friday!).

The Run, Turkey, Run 10K was so much fun! I woke up bright and early and picked up Esther (it was her first race everrrr!!).

We arrived with plenty of time to have coffee, use the bathroom, and go for a warm-up jog of one mile.

We met up with the Running Addicts and got to take some photos:

And I got to meet up with some of the church guys for photos, too:

^It was also Zack’s (far right) first race, too!! WOO HOO!

The weather was PERFECT for a race! Sunny and around 50 degrees. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful morning!

Since it was so very crowded in the beginning, there was no choice but to take it easy. (Mile 1= 9:47).

Chad took this nice picture of me during the run:

Wish I was able to do the same… I found out I super duper suck at taking pictures while running (plus my camera kind of lags, so it totally messes up the timing). Yay, Chad!!

I tried to keep up with Chad, but my knee started getting tight, so I had to take it easy and back off… Mile 2, 3, and 4 were 7:55, 7:29, 8:00. 

I noticed that when I ran above 8:00/mile, my knee felt okay, so I stayed at a comfortable pace. Mile 5 and 6 were 8:13 and 8:06. 

These pictures were taken by Linh near the finish. I was obviously super excited to know it was almost over:

The last 0.20 mile were run in super quickly (official time was 51:05. About three minutes slower than my best 10K time… but not bad considering the crowds and the knee). *Edited to add*: 5th in my age group, 20-29.

As soon as I was done, I headed back out to get some pictures of Esther and Yesie (<— spelling??).

They were looking strong and doing great! Off they went…

Then I continued back-tracking to run with Jonathan:

I tried to pace him and encourage him because I knew he could finish really strong. Indeed, he sprinted it in for the last 50 meters! Awesome finish!

Great job to you guys! We seriously kicked some AY-ESS-ESS.

^I know. I look soooooo scary in the picture above!

Awesome job to all the RA’s!

^(Thanks, Linh, for the awesome pictures!).

And wonderful job to Esther! Today was the most she has ever run in her life (7.25 miles including the warmup!!!). And trust me, this will be the first of many races for Esther 😉

^BTW, the sweat mixing with the sunblock and stinging my eyeballs like crazy.

I really enjoyed this small local run! It will most likely be a Thanksgiving tradition (morning sweat, evening feast). Definitely a fun run. Hard to race because of the crowds and the narrow path. In any case, I think it was enjoyed by all and I’m so happy for all the finishers! 😀

Total: 9.2 miles. 



I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

One response to “Run, Turkey, Run 10K

  1. Good job Michelle!!^^ Looks like you guys had fun!
    Best of luck with your marathon next weekend. You’re going to do so well.화이팅!!! Hope to see you there.

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