What Not to Do

These are some of the things you should not do the day before a race:

1.) Eating lots and lots of fiber-rich foods:

^This things has fingerling potatoes, quinoa, beans, corn, dried cranberries, arugula, kale, bulgar, balsamic onions, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, pine nuts, roasted garlic, edamame…

Yeah. It goes on and on and on. SO DELICIOUS. It was a bunch of random stuff from Whole Foods. I had this bowl for lunch and then another one like that for dinner.

2.) It is also good not to wear new shoes for a race:

These are the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8. Now, that is not a color that I particularly like, but they were the only ones in my size (NINE).

Why did I get another pair of new shoes? I wanted to try some with more cushioning and more stability to maybe use for the marathon. Not sure though, since I won’t have any run more than about 10 miles straight on them. I won’t know how they are at mile 20…

Also, I had a $50 gift certificate to The Sports Basement, and these were on sale (because a new model is coming out), so I walked out of there having paid just over twenty bucks. 

Swit. Running shoes for 20 dollars… so awesome 🙂

3.) Another thing you shouldn’t do the night before a race is run a bunch.

Well, I took it easy and ran a 10K, haha… at 9:30pm. Why? Because I was watching the guys play basketball at our church. Watching all the guys running around made me jealous and I really wanted to run!

It’s kind of like watching 300… it will make you want to do a bunch of push-ups and work out right?

Or when you’re watching MMA and you just have to arm-bar or rear-naked-choke the person sitting next to you?

Yeah. I just had to run.

I was already planning on going to the gym to test out the shoes… but since I stayed a little later watching them, I just went home and ran on the treadmill at home.

I don’t always like using the treadmill at home because it’s LOUD. Anyways, last night was okay (since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, no one was sleeping early).

Definitely didn’t plan on running 6.2 miles!


Here are some pictures from Sunday’s Men’s Health Urbanathlon:

So. Much. Fun.

Next year (if I get to do it again), I’ll do all the obstacles by myself 😛


Okay, okay… so today is not a race. It’s just a fun run 😉

I’ll be taking it pretty easy (and maybe have a few faster miles in the middle, kind of like a tempo run?). If I was racing for time, I would definitely NOT be doing these things!

Run Turkey Run 10K, here I come!

Good luck to anyone who is running/racing this morning! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving day!

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