Post-Thanksgiving Weekend

Hello. Some of you must be tired from Black Friday shopping.

Me? I went to bed around 10:30pm. It really must be true about the tryptophan in the turkey… I was super sleepy from around 8:00pm!

Our dinner looked pretty much like this:


Okay, not really. There was kind of a hullaballoo concerning picking up a turkey/ham order from HoneyBaked… we had to make a last-minute stop to Safeway and found that they had a Thanksgiving meal that wasn’t picked up.

My older brother and I made some of our own sides. We also discovered how garlic and herb butter makes mashed potatoes fricking awesome (then again, how could it not?).

So actually, it looked more like this:

Yeah. We are all about no-fuss, no stress haha. We had a very cozy and small Thanksgiving this year (mom ended up picking up a shift and Michael stayed in Atlanta for the break to study for finals. It’s only law school, geeeez. Hehe, I joke).

… and yeah, we left the printer there… haha.

What did we eat a lot of? The turkey, soba noodles, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies (not pictured), string beans, kimchi (because we’re Korean), and sweet potatoes (for me). No one even touched the rolls.

And Vanna had her Thanksgiving meal, too! Her favorite things in the world are new kibble and wet food.

She decided to go run and bring her tennis ball for all the fun.

What a weird dog.

Anyways, I made her “Staaaaay” before getting to grub:

And then she ate the whole thing in less than one minute.


This morning, I woke up and did Insanity’s Insane Abs. It was about 33 minutes long. Good warm up! I’ll be heading to the gym for a treadmill session and then leaving for Lake Tahoe with Joe’s family!

I don’t know if you can tell, but my dad gave me a new camera! So I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pictures in Tahoe 🙂

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

3 responses to “Post-Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. awww, wat a cutie!! i sooo want a puppy, it’s not even funny!! i’m very much like u and more the no stress/no fuss sort of thing so that turkey day is RIGHT up my alley. plus, it’s all about the choice of company right! hope u’re having a great night!

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