Frozen Fingers

Hello! Yesterday before leaving for Lake Tahoe, I did an easy treadmill run. I did a ladder workout:

Mile 1- 7.1 mph

Mile 2- 7.2 mph

Mile 3- 7.3 mph

Mile 4- 7.4 mph

Mile 5- 7.3 mph

Mile 6- 7.2 mph

Mile 6.5- 7.1 mph

Total: 6.5 miles, 53:53. 

Again, it was just an easy run. I was going to do a full seven miles but I thought I was running late. Turns out, we would end up leaving about three hours later… so yeah. I had plenty of time to complete seven miles. Whoops.


Last night, we ate at Harrah’s buffet:

It was like 28 bucks for the buffet and I’m over here getting veggies, rice pilaf, and chow fun.

Oh yeah, I don’t know why the first two pictures are blurry. I still need to find out how to work the camera.

Anyways, the dessert was the best (except for that nasty cheesecake thing… I’ve never tasted such a disgusting dessert before!). Bread pudding a la mode. Can’t beat that!

Then I was uncomfortably full…

^That’s my evil eye. If you see that, it means I’m rather super duper hungry or super duper full. Either way, I will not be pleasant.


Woke up this morning HECKA BLOATED. (“Hecka”= I’m a NorCal girl).

Luckily, Esther and I got to explore the streets and run around!

^(Esther wasn’t tired. She was just being silly :P).

I brought my camera and was carrying a water bottle and my poor fingers were so numb! I was afraid they wouldn’t warm up at all and I would get frostbite (haha… in 39 degree weather? Probably not, but it just felt really really cold).

Luckily, it warmed up just enough by the second part of our run:

It was an easy 5.75 mile run. If there is time, I’m going to head out again for a second run (did you see all the blurry food I put away last night? I’m still super bloated and ready to move around more!).

I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday. We’re going to go to the lake, walk around some more, maybe watch a movie in the evening… it’s going to be a chill time here in Tahoe 🙂

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