You can’t tell, but it’s actually pretty chilly here:

When we were in the sun, it was nice and warm. When we were in the shade, my fingers froze again.

I was still trying to figure out how to take the pictures correctly. Most of them came out too bright. Oh, well.

We hiked down to Emerald Bay and took a bazillion pictures. Here is me and Esther:

^I don’t dare to apologize for my scrubbed-out look. It’s comfortable, dangit.

Here’s a family picture:

If anyone is good at photoshop and wants to edit out that rope and the buoy, that’d be awesomes. This picture is so pretty!

Afterwards, we hiked back up the big hill (I think the total for all the hiking today was two miles).

And of course, a picture of me and Joe where he looks uncomfortable, hahaha.

When we got back, I dove into this big thing of fruit cake bread stuff (wow, I forgot what it’s called).

Yum. Nice and buttery with candied fruit.


I really wanted to go running some more, but after eating curry rice for lunch, all the kids took a fat nap.

The reason I’m jonesing for a run? My marathon is in one week. Yeah. I’m kind of freaking out and with all the nervous energy, I just want to go for a hard run.

Now, in actuality, I probably shouldn’t be going all hard, so maybe it’s a good thing I couldn’t get in a second workout. When I do get to run again, I’ll probably do some strides and then easy running.


Last night before dinner, we walked around Heavenly Village (right at the border of California and Nevada).

^I love love love Christmas lights! There was a decorated fire truck and forklift that went by but I was too late to get a picture.

We went to Fire and Ice to sit by the fire, have some beers, and eat tater tots 🙂

It was really nice to be right at the fire pit with a cold beer.

Then when we were leaving, Joe and I ordered a hot drink (with Kahlua, brandy and coffee). It was interesting… but not as good as I imagined. I might still consider ordering it if it’s a cold night.

Joe, Josh, and I got back to start on dinner.

Josh was in charge of dinner and he assigned me to chop up the garlic and for Joe to wash and cut up the veggies. Sadly, it took me like 25 minutes just to peel all the garlic and chop it up. Sad times, guys.

Anyways, I did good (and if you’re thinking those garlic pieces are way too big, then you try mincing it on a plate with a weird serrated knife!).

BTW, we mixed the garlic with butter and put it on top of King’s Hawaiian Rolls (then let the butter melt in the oven). SO GOOD.

And Josh cooked up the rib eye:

I’m not a huge fan of rib eye (at least I never order it myself because I usually can’t eat that much meat without feeling sick). Something about how simply it was seasoned and how well it was cooked allowed me to eat pretty much my whole steak!

Great dinner! Everyone was stuffed!

We went to watch Skyfall after and came home passed midnight. Soooo late for someone like me!


This morning, I was wide awake at 5:30am. o___O WHYYYY?

I dunno. But we found out there is a little “gym” (like one bike, one treadmill, some weights) where we’re staying so I headed out.

Turns out, the treadmill and bike were broken. Whaaaa…

Not to worry. I just went on the bike anyways and cycled (with no resistance… so pointless, but whatever. I just wanted to get moving). Plus, I had How I Met Your Mother to keep me entertained.

I did 75 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of lower body weights. I did deadlifts back-to-back with jump squats, and lunges back-to-back with jump-switch-lunges.

Lame workout… but it’s better than nothing.


We’ll be heading back to San Jose this morning. Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!

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