Looking Back at My First Marathon

I took a look back at my workout log from last year. There are notes about my first (and only) marathon. My second marathon is going to be this coming Sunday o__O !!!

What I wrote:

Dec 4th, 2011, CIM: “SO HARD! 1st Marathon! Left hip SLIGHTLY tight, but didn’t alter form. Needed 5-10 sec walking in last few miles… but still BQ! (Now changed qualifying times)”

And Dec 5th, 2011: “Feet sore, shoulder (especially right) sore, quads sore when get up… but otherwise, I feel great!”

It’s pretty cool to look back and see the work and excitement that went into training for my first marathon. Kind of like this year, I didn’t really do speedwork and I stopped following the plan in the last couple weeks. WHOOPS!

That sucks that a Boston qualifier for my age group is under 3:35. Damn BQ… slipping away from meeee! Whatevs. Actually, upon closer inspection, I didn’t really qualify because the deadline was Sept 2011…

ANYWAAAAYS… my goal for this year is simply to run it faster than last year. I really just want to break 3:40. If I see 3:30-ANYTHING, I’ll feel on top of the world. I was freaking 30 seconds away from it last year.

But… we’ll see. If my knee decides to act up, I’ll just look forward to my next marathon to PR.

Speaking of races, here are some pictures from past races:

^I wear that pink top for the majority of my races because it has pockets in the back that can hold GU, mp3 player, my keys, etc. I’ll probably wear it for my marathon again.

^I wore this when it was supposed to rain. Kind of overdressed… but whatever. There is a chance of rain for this Sunday, GASP. I don’t really know how to dress or prepare for that because I’ve never had to face that before šŸ˜¦

Give me some tips if you’ve ever raced in the rain!


Yesterday on our way back from Lake Tahoe, we stopped by to try Fuji sushi.

It is pretty good if you like rolls (thought the system of going up to order kinda sucks). If you like nigiri, it kind of sucks because they give you a fist-full of rice for each one… and their sushi rice is not made well at all (crumbles and falls apart… it’s so weird).

Anyways, it was $13.95 for all-you-can-eat, so it’s hard to complain.

Then I got some fro-yo while everyone else got coffee. SO YUMMY! It’s been such a long time since I’ve had frozen yogurt!

I already ate some before the picture was taken. Whoops. Toppings were Reeses pieces (I think that’s what it’s called), Cap’n Crunch, and almonds.

When I got home, I was packing up the car and poor Vanna was crying the whole time. She always cries to most when she sees me loading up the car because she knows I’m going to be away from home for a while.

Not to worry, we played fetch for a long time and I let her chill in my lap.

It hurt so much every time she jumped off my legs to go get the ball (her nails are pretty long).

Then, I had her earn some treats.

Vanna is REALLY good at “stay/come”. When you say, “stay”, you can pretty much do anything with the treat and she will not eat it or move much. Joe is mean and likes to put it next to her teeth… she’s just drool like crazy but she won’t eat it until she hears “come!”

And don’t worry, I only made her stay like that for like 7 seconds… thought I wonder what would happen if I left it there and walked out of the room šŸ˜›


Last night, I did the Pull-up Phase 2 and 60 pushups. The pull-up lowering-down thing was tough because I got kinda heavier during our Tahoe trip.


This morning is all about this crap:

I had to bribe myself into studying from early in the morning. “You can have a Peet’s nonfat cafe au lait with one pump each of pumpkin and chai IF you start studying now.”

BTW, that drink is flippin’ delicious.


Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!

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