First Time


I cooked some darn delicious and juicy chicken breast for the first time!

The chicken breast was cut and marinated in Greek yogurt, Sriracha sauce, herbs, garlic, and salt. I don’t know why… but I just had a feeling this would work.

It was in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, and PERFECTLY cooked when I took it out. The only thing is that it was still a tiny bit bland, but nothing a good helping of more Sriracha sauce couldn’t fix.

The veggies were sauteed with Garlic Gold Nuggets and I ate half a baked potato with all this goodness.

After dinner, I ate some of these awesome goods from TJ’s:

One bar with about 6 dried apricots. Good combo, folks. I’m glad the chocolate comes individually wrapped because I could have kept on going. Also, that chocolate is as smooth and milky like… milk chocolate! It is not as hard as the other Trader Joe’s dark chocolates.


This morning, I did the same Pull-up phase 2 workout (from the top of pull-up position, lower down as slowly as possible for 8 reps. Repeat five times).

Then I did 5 sets of 15 push-ups. The last two sets were flipping hard. My chest is still so weak.

That was followed up with about 8 minutes of arm burnouts with 3-pound weights (TOUGH), and AbRipperX (16 minutes).


Been spending a lot of time looking at pace calculators like this one. 

It’s fun… but again, because it’s going to be raining for the race this weekend, it might not even be so beneficial to go for a big time goal.

Here are pictures from last year’s race:

^Susan (fellow marathoner) and I cut our old hoodies down the middle. I’ll probably do that this year, too.

Here are some of Misty’s pictures:

Misty was so kind and came up to Sacramento to cheer for her niece, Susan, and me. It was really great to see her in the last couple miles left of the race. The sign was lovely, too! SO THOUGHTFUL! She will be running CIM this year, so I hope to find her in the crowd of 9,000 people.


Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday evening 🙂

7 responses to “First Time

    • I bought mine from Target or Safeway. I think they might have it in the “ethnic foods” aisle. Some people call it “red rooster sauce” and if you’ve ever had Vietnamese food, they always have it at the table. It’s pretty much good on anything (if you like spicy stuff).

  1. Hi Michelle
    Thank You Michelle, You’re so kind!
    Make sure to dress/prepare well. Looks like it will be wet and cold. I have experienced hypothermia five years there at CIM and it is something I never ever want to experience again.^____^

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