Late-Night Run

Yes. I went with my roommates on a late-night run…

a late-night FRO-YO run, to be exact.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Michelle: You girls want to go for a run tonight?

Allison: No, thank you…

Joanna: But, Michelley, it’s cold! 

Michelle: Nahhh, you’ll be fine.


-30 minutes later-

Michelle: Actually, instead of going out for a run, do you want to get frozen yogurt with me?

Joanna: HAHAHA yeahhh!

We asked Allison and she was definitely down… so off we went!

There’s a place super close to our school house with 4 stars on yelp (Nubi Yogurt). Allison had been there before and said it was good. I was so excited to find a place we can go to whenever we want fro-yo… even if it’s super cold out.

I got myself some of the strawberry and tart with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds (best topping everrr), Cap’n Crunch, almonds, and sweet red bean.


And look how cute my roomies are 😀

That’s Allison on the left and Joanna on the right. These girls are great to live with! They are pleasant, good-natured, and funny 🙂

And soon, they will be my running pals (MUAHAHAHA). I just have to trick them into it somehow…


Working on my school papers while sitting in bed. So flippin’ comfortable and warm. I had to sit myself up because I was getting super sleepy when I was reclined 😛

With this semester winding down, I’m experiencing the worst combination of laziness and stressful drives to study more. It super sucks.

Hope you have a wonderful day (and don’t ever keep yourself from a late-night fro-yo run. It’s pretty darned fun and delicious)!

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