I Did Three Awesome Chin-ups

Guess what. I did three chin-ups today!

Well, they were not done in a row. I did the Building up to first Pull-up Phase 2, but for the first three sets, I started it with one chin-up. I tried to on the fourth set and just hung there, haha.

So I did 5 sets of 8 lower-downs in pull-up position (palms away), and three of them were solid chin-ups (palms facing you). Man. You should have seen me there in the hallway with a humongous smile. If my roommates saw, they would have been uber creeped out.

This is a HUGE milestone because even a couple months ago, I couldn’t even do ONE chin-up!!! 

I followed it up with 5 sets of 15 push-ups with the pull-up bar on the ground, then about 8 minutes of burnouts. Holy crap, the burn!

I’m loving these upper body workouts (especially the pull-up ones because I’m getting noticeably stronger!).


Guess what else… I actually went to the track!

Well, first, I did a warm-up of about two miles around campus (gentle rollers, as usual). Then I arrived at the track and alternated 100m strides with 100m jogging (run faster on the straight parts and jog on the curvy part). I did 12 100’s!!! I love 100’s… so fast. Anything more than that and I’ll be super crabby and pooped.

Since the track is so close, I really have no excuse not to be out there! Next year, I’ll do more track sessions (I’ll just follow the workouts the Running Addicts do at the same time they’re doing it in San Jose).

The run ended with a nice c/d jog back home. 4 miles in 34 minutes. Nothing crazy. I’ll do maybe 2 miles with some strides tomorrow morning and then REST.


I used a new hair curler to… curl my hair.

Okay… so it turned out a little more frizzy than intended, but that’s because I didn’t really put any product in it after… and it was windy out.

I miss my perm, but I think this is pretty good to use until I decide to get a perm again (I’m trying to keep it all natural and grow it out longer).

Here’s the one I used:


I think it works pretty well to make waves. It took way more time to get ready that I’m comfortable with. Who the heck spends more than 15 minutes on their hair? I usually spend 30 seconds (tie hair back, bobby-pin bangs. Done).

Hmm… perhaps I should come up with a fashion post… to show you exactly how I got to be so stylish:

It’s not easy to make simple clothes like black jeans and a hoodie– or moisture-wicking fabrics– so flippin’ sexy.

BTW, if you want to stand out in a crowd, always use jazz hands.

Okay, I’m just kidding. I have zero fashion sense. I’m all about comfort > style 🙂


I hope you have a wonderful evening!

2 responses to “I Did Three Awesome Chin-ups

    • Hehe, well almost. I actually only did chin-ups (palms facing me- which are easier). Then again, it’s still three chin-ups that I couldn’t do before. Pull-ups are with palms facing away and I hope to be able to do two in a row, without rest 😉

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