What the Click?

Oh, great. just a few days before the marathon and the back of my left knee is clicking. It’s actually from using the stationary bike in Tahoe (the one that was broken and had no resistance). When I first pedaled, I kind of hyper-extended my leg and it feels like something small has popped out of place. It doesn’t hurt, but I have no clue what it will feel like during the marathon.

Yeah. I am already thinking that I won’t PR for this marathon… with the rain and everything. I will give it my best shot, but I won’t get too bummed out if I don’t do as fantastically as I wanted. There will be plenty more marathons in the future.

(Haha… did I just give up before evening running it??? I just need to buck up :P).


Last night, Joanna and I went to the gym and I got super annoyed with all the machines (except the gym will be closed for about a week because they’re getting a bunch of new equipment. Sounds fantastic to me!!). So the only treadmill that was available was one that didn’t display the miles or time… and it would randomly drop to -3.o on the incline (or… decline, I guess).

I got off and just went to an elliptical… which also didn’t display crap. The next one also didn’t display resistance and couldn’t change the incline, but at least I could raise the resistance. I did 15 minutes pedaling forward and 10 minutes pedaling backward. The resistance was pretty high and I pedaled fast! Pretty good workout, already!

Then, one of the normal treadmills opened up and I got to spend 18 minutes and 55 seconds running comfortably for 2.25 miles. This was more of a sweat session than a tough workout. I loved it!

When we got back home, I did 20 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of Pilates (both were my own thang) while watching Law & Order: SVU. I don’t know why I’m hooked on that show right now… but at least I got a great stretch and mighty butt-burn (from Pilates) while watching it!


Hey, there is an interesting workout challenge for the month of December on this girl’s blog. <– Check it out and sign up. I totally signed up because I thought it was a great way to end the year 🙂


Umm… this breakfast is flippin’ delicious:

I ate some on the side so you can see all the layers: a baked potato at the bottom, cherry balsamic vinaigrette (random?), a slice of Swiss cheese, two fried eggs (yolk MUST be runny)… (<— I typed in “yolk MUST be funny” and chuckled for like 30 seconds, kekekeke)… (<—dork), and some fried up broccoli with Garlic Gold. And like a tablespoon of pepper because I like it.

Even though it’s sitting like a brick in my stomach, I’m going to do the Pull-up workout (still gonna do phase 2 until after the marathon), push-ups, burnouts, then maybe do a track workout with some strides and possibly 400’s. But whenever I say I’m going to do a track or speed workout, it almost never happens.


We’re more than half-way through the week, folks! This weekend is going to be so exciting (since it’s Christmas AND CIM!).

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