Marathon #2

Okay. Super quick post.

My second marathon ever was a completely different experience from my first one.

At last year’s CIM, I was in tip top shape, I had done at least one run that was over 20 miles, the weather was fantastic, and I was able to finish strong with 3:40:30.

This year… there were several indicators that told me I would not PR. 

First, coffee did not have its magic effect in the morning. This pretty much never happens but marathon morning… well, I don’t think I need to elaborate. I ran with a brick in my belly.

It was raining sideways. Yeah. I hate strong wind because it makes me panic (I feel like I can’t catch my breath and then I start hyper-ventilating. I am a wimp). I think this is Linh’s picture… some of the Running Addicts before the race:

cim rain

Everyone was huddling under the gas station roof thing to try to stay dry… and perhaps also for warmth. It was bitterly cold at the start with the rain and wind!

This is me before the race:


And after (it’s pretty much the same as the first except being soaking wet, no jacket- was a throwaway- and with a huge huge blister on my right foot).


The blister is pretty gnarly. I was going to show you the picture but… there’s really no need. If you put your index finger and thumb together to make a circle, that’s pretty much how big it is… on the sole of my foot.

After all of that, I’m just glad it’s done and over with. I’ve never ever run in those conditions (again, I’m a wimp :P) and to have to just splish and splash in the huge puddles and not care… it was quite an experience!


Since I knew from mile three that there would be no PR, I just ended up enjoying the race. I was high-fiving the spectators, talking to other runners, eating sliced oranges, drinking beer (a tiny cup of beer at mile 20-something), and lots and lots of walking.

What also slowed me down incredibly was my ITB. My right knee was SO tight that it started making me hobble. At least I knew from mile three that I could just take it easy and enjoy the race instead of finding that out at mile 20.

(I still made it in under 4 hours. I still don’t really know how that happened, haha!).

I’ll have the full recap tomorrow!

6 responses to “Marathon #2

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  2. Wow, despite everything (even a beer stop, that is awesome) I’m in awe that you managed to finish in under 4 hours! That’s impressive. Congrats!

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