Post-Marathon Week

Again, if you read how CIM went, then you kind of know that I didn’t really get to race a marathon. I just happened to finish it. Still, covering 26.2 miles is a lot on the body (and especially my right ITB), so I’m going to take this week to recover.

Yesterday, I did an upper body workout.

Building up to first Pull-up Phase 2.5.

1st set: One chin-up (palms facing me), then 7 “walk-the-planks”.

2nd set: One chin-up, then 7 “walk-the-planks”

3rd set: TWO chin-ups, 6 “walk-the-planks”

4th set: One chin-up, 7 “walk-the-planks”

5th set: 0.5 chin-up, 7 “walk-the-planks”.

If you count that up, that is 5.5 chin-ups, peoples. GOOD, GOD! I was so proud of myself! That’s 5.5 times more than a few months ago (except 0 x ___ = 0, so technically… ahhhh whatevers).

If you can’t do a pull-up (or even a chin-up, like me), then try out the video!  I really think it works! Just a warning though… my body was completely trashed and inflamed when I did the very first workout (and I couldn’t even do half the workout!).


I also did 5 sets of 15 push-ups on the pull-up bar (last two sets were so hard. Why are my push-ups not getting easier??).

Then burnouts with 3-pounders. Good, Lord! It was burning!!!

And I finished with AbRipperX. 

I also walked about 1.5 miles to Trader Joe’s and back with my roommate. It was nice to walk around and get the blood flowing 🙂


Today? Well I was planning on going to the gym for some ellipticalling, but it is closed for renovation. I might do a short jogging session around campus or some easy laps around the track.

Or I might just do yoga.

In any case, this week is all about taking it easy and letting my ITB get back to norman.


Here’s a picture of the conditions when we started the race on Sunday (I think this is Jesi’s picture? Glad we have something showing the rainy condition).

rain cim

The rain was a lot more horizontal when the gusts of wind picked up. Good times.


Hope you all have a wonderful recovery week, too!

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