The Worst Easy 3-Miler Ever

Haha, the title is a little misleading. It was supposed to be an easy 3-mile run yesterday. Things changed right away when I started running (in my Mizunos) and felt REALLY GOOD. No pain in the knee, muscles were relaxed, and the weather was cool and sunny.

I decided to just go really easy, aiming for 9:00 per mile. I was listening to Christmas music, and totally enjoying the weather. When it came time to turn around, I just kept going. I went all the way around Lake Merced without looking at the Garmin. I just tried to keep the pace easy (RPE around 6 or 6.5). End result?

6 miles in 52 minutes (8:40 pace). I am comfortable with that being my easy pace. I could have been singing songs or talking to people at this pace. Great for recovery, I think.

When I got back, I did 30 minutes of yoga (YogaX). I like to skip the first five minutes of that video where they’re just breathing. I’m pretty sure I do plenty of that when I sleep 😉


Today is going to be rainy/showery… perfect weather to stay in and write my paper (these research papers just never end, huh?).

Not complaining. I’m actually loving school and feel so fortunate to be able to study here!


Marathon pictures are in:


Still raining at this time, but I’m pretty sure it’s when the wind died down. Probably in mile 20-something?

And there are so many pictures for the end of the race:


Thunder thighs crossed the finish with a huge smile:


^Sweet picture. I like that you can spot the yellow bridge in the background.

I was genuinely happy to be done with that marathon. Also glad that we got to finish in the sunshine (if only the race was postponed three hours. It could have been a completely different race. <— comment that’s not necessary because what’s done is done, hah).


I registered for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon!!!!! It’s going to be the redemptive marathon… I’m going to go for breaking 3:35 (and the course is pretty much all downhill, so it is pretty much designed for a PR).

For next year’s racing season, I’m going to try to keep my weight at my normal weight (I gained about 10 or more pounds running this one. Eating whatever I wanted while not being able to run much because of my ITB is what caused the weight gain). We’ll see if that keeps the injuries at bay AND makes me faster 🙂


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

6 responses to “The Worst Easy 3-Miler Ever

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I have been reading your post daily after CIM, and I enjoyed it very much. You’re so cute!. ^^ I’m so glad that your ITB pain is gone. Good Luck with Mountains 2 Beach Marathon & Go and break 3:35!!!화이팅! 🙂

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