Weekend Plans and a Protein Pancake

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I’m so proud of myself. I did this little thing with my scarf and it got a lot of compliments yesterday:


I’ll show you how to do it if you’re really interested. I honestly didn’t think much of it, but so many people (haha, three on the way to-and-from class) asked me how to do it and I gave them such a bad explanation that they walked away while I was still attempting to explain.


Yesterday’s workout:

Sucky run around Lake Merced. Why?

Started out way too fast apparently…

Up to 3.5 miles, I was going at about 7:59 or 8:00 pace. This was supposed to be an easy week of running, and I have failed that (or that’s at least what my body was screaming to me).

So I ended up walking 0.50 mile, then jogging for 0.50, walking 0.25 mile, jogging 0.50 mile… whatever felt right.

I covered 6 miles in about 54:30? (Someone stopped me to talk near the end and it super annoyed me because I was just trying to get to 6 miles and then go home).

Afterwards, I did about 10 minutes of Pilates for the hips and butt. That crap made my entire butt feel sore for the rest of the day (I’m talking from the top way down to the bottom… the deep muscles, side gluteus minimus and medius muscles… everything!).

Hopefully, strengthening my hips can help me with my running. Many people believe that hip or core weakness could lead to poor form, which leads to injury. We’ll see if things change with regular Pilates.


Made a crazy protein-heavy breakfast this morning:


Two eggs, one big banana, one scoop of protein powder, and about 1/3 cup of pumpkin.

The batter came out really nicely:


(Yeah, I didn’t even wash my pan after I made eggs yesterday, hehe).

Anyways, you’re supposed to have it on low heat and let all the bubbles come up. It usually says to be patient and “walk away”. Well, I don’t think you should actually walk away for too long like I did:


Yeah. Whoops. This poor thing got super owned. Also, I think I had the heat a little bit too high.

In any case, I was able to peel off the burnt layer and was only able to eat half of it before feeling FULL.

(Protein powder= 16 g of protein, two eggs= 14g of protein, and the pumpkin probably has negligible amounts… like 1g? That’s more than 30 g of protein).

BTW, the texture of this protein pancake is not really pancake-y, but I still think it’s good and mega-filling. Just don’t think you can go upstairs and do other things and then accidentally forget about the pancake…


This weekend, there is a movie night with the church folk, I’m volunteering at the Summit Rock Run in Sanborn Park (7 minutes from my house, whoop whoop!), Christmas skit practice, and possibly a longish run.

For today? I want to go to the gym to check out the new gym equipment (they supposedly got new stuff during this week). I hope they have a bunch of new treadmills!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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