Package Arrived

This morning was wonderful. There was a big box of produce that arrived in the mail!


I know, huh? pretty swit.


I got 4 apples, one lemon, 6 clementines (or some other name… I forgot), a bunch of carrots, two stalks of broccoli, a huge bulb of fennel (holy crap, I don’t know how to prepare that one), and two heads of lettuce.

This was all brought to my front door by local farmers making all organic produce through Farm Fresh To You. 

How cool, huh? I wanted to try it once and see how it went. I buy about 20 bucks worth of produce each week, and this box was 25. It’s just better because I don’t usually buy organic when I go to the store because it’s much pricier. Plus, this forces encourages me to try new fruits and veggies (like that fennel).

I already ate an apple and a clementine. SO GOOD, OMG. I encourage you all to check out the site and see if they deliver to you and try it just once. Plus, it’s great to support the local farmers, yeah?


Last night, I made beef stew:


Okay, sorry… this picture really makes it look gross. It had big chunks of beef, lots of onions, broccoli, and sweet potato (but I obviously put in the sweet potato too soon because it kind of turned to mush). I don’t know why I didn’t put a lot of the thick and rich broth in there. I ended up eating it like soup this afternoon for lunch.

I must admit… I’m proud of myself. Who know I would be whipping up hearty beef stew in the winter??



Also yesterday? I made 35 of these pretty things:


Why? There is a presentation tomorrow and our group is going to give these out with some candy canes. We figured it’s better than giving them some pamphlet that they’re going to throw away.

Oh, no. I just realized they might just throw these away, too. 😦 I’ll be so sad if I see it in the trash after class. (I use these as bookmarks because… I don’t know anyone our age who still wears friendship bracelets, haha).


Today, I did the Pull-up Phase 3 workout. I did two chin-ups at the beginning of each set. 40 pull-up exercises in all. Then I did 5 sets of 15 pushups. So hard, mang. Usual burnouts right after. Love this upper-body workout!

Then, I went to the gym for a treadmill run. I didn’t bring water, so I just ran it in two-mile increments, making each one faster than the previous one.

Miles 1-2: 17:00

Miles 3-4: 16:36

Miles 5-6: 16:08

Miles 7-8: 15:45. 

8 miles, done. Last two miles were outrageously tough. Oh, and all were done on 1% incline (if you run on treadmills a lot, I think it should always be at least 1% incline).

Then I got a little crazy with my elliptical session and did 50 minutes. It was just going to be 20, but… I got really into the magazine I was reading.

Something that interested me (from Self magazine):


San Jose is the healthiest city for women overall. And look at the blue column… San Francisco is #3!

I’m not that surprised. We have plenty of places to go for long runs (many running and biking paths), bike lanes, and plenty of mountains for hiking!

Pretty cool, yeah? 😀 (Unless you live in Tulsa, OK. Then it’s kind of a lot less cool).


Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!


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