12-12-12… and a 12-Miler?

Super short post. Gotta get ready for a group presentation.

So… it only makes sense to run 12 miles today. It might be taking it a bit far to start the run exactly at 12:12pm… but I won’t be too crazy about it.

But first, here is my pork dish from last night (sorry… I was mid-cut when I realized I should take a picture of it first, hehe):


Cooked to PERFECTION… except the flavor was kind of whack. I’d totally give you the recipe if it was more tasty (and if I knew it. I was just throwing random things in there). Hmm… it kinda looks like chicken breast, huh?

Anyways, it was super duper filling and I have plenty more where that came from. I got a huge chunk of that pork tenderloin for $2. Is pork always that cheap?


If you like any of the Rock’n’Roll Runs, you can save $20 by registering today for one! These races are really well-organized, you get a lot of swag, and they’re usually about 85 to 100 (or even more) if you don’t register early. Put a race on your calendar for next year so you have motivation to be active during the holidays 🙂

Since I run the San Jose RNR every year, I registered for it today. I was debating between SJ and SF, but it’s pretty much my marker for how I improve (same course, usually similar conditions).

Click to save (but you have to spend monies to save, haha).


As much as I’d love to run 12 miles today, the stars just don’t seem to be aligning. I went to the gym and the parking was so packed that I left. Then I ate an early lunch which included a questionable avocado.

We’ll see if I get to it.

Otherwise, I’ll do yoga and maybe 12 laps around the track?

Have a good 12-12-12 day!

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