What the Frond? And Mon Frere


Today is more special than ever because my younger brother MICHAEL is back home after his first semester in law school (in Atlanta!!).


Okay, fine. He doesn’t look like that anymore.

He was way too busy to call me and text me and update me during his school year, so he’d better be ready to tell me what’s been up since August.

Also, I really want to see what happens when Vanna see him again:


Awww Vanna was the cutest puppy everrr


Whoa. I got sidetracked…

Missed my brother while he was away. His room kinda got owned because we’ve been putting random boxes in there for storage while we clean our room. SORRY.

Here’s a picture of us from high school!


^This is when he thought he was too cool for me. And looks like I’ve been sporting them jazz hands since high school. Dang.

^That’s also when I was coloring my hair. Poor fried hair…

I’m hoping to go for a run with him some time. I still remember when I got him to run a half marathon. He seriously trained like… once. I was going to help pace him to come under 2 hours. It looked like we might not make it because there was a nice bathroom break for him at mile seven.

Still 1:58 finish, yo. One of the most memorable races for me 🙂

run with michael

Garsh. He is such a hoot!

395947_2891901610795_397108358_n 408991_2891898770724_1566344532_n


Dude. Remember when I got all those veggies and fruits through Farm Fresh to You? Well there was a big fennel bulb with the stocks and lots of “leaves” coming out of them. I didn’t know what the heck to do with all the green leaves, which (I learned yesterday) are called fronds. 

I ended up just using it like dill and chopping it up into my salmon salad:


^Wow. That looks incredibly unappetizing. Anyways, I also have a whole avocado mashed into there with lemon juice, and later salt and pepper (and Sriracha sauce).

It has a taste like anise or faint licorice. From what I read, it pairs well with seafood, so that’s why I tried it fresh in the salmon mush. Pretty good!

I’m so glad FarmFreshtoYou is “forcing” me to try new things. It’s fun and more exciting than the same ol’ spinach and broccoli.


I’ll be going for a run with Esther today! She’ll be running her first half marathon next February and we’re around the beginning of her 10-week training (haha, no specific training schedule, but she’ll be building miles every other week).

Have a blessed Friday!

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