A Run, a Party, a Cold

Quick post!

I went running with Esther on Friday:


The Los Gatos Creek Trail has been the place of many of my long runs. I wanted to introduce Esther to the place (and Friday morning is not crazy-busy, so it’s nice):




It’s funny because she was expecting to just keep the same pace as we did in the first three miles (right around 10 minutes per mile). When we turned around, I wanted to do a slow progression and see how much harder she could run (because I was a couple feet in front of her and she wasn’t even breathing hard!).

So mile 4 was about 9:40. Swit… I wanted to stay around 9:30 for the last two, but also see if she could push herself more.

I finally heard her breathing a little harder after mile 4. Mile 5? 9:14.

For the last mile, I was going to make her empty the tank, just to see if she could push hard and finish strong. Mile 6? 8:45!


We ran 6 miles in about 57 minutes, which is way faster than her 10K time 😀

I was SO PROUD OF HER! And even though she sorta hated me a lot during the run when I was pushing her, she felt awesome afterwards.

Oddly enough, we were really sore in our core after the run. What’s that about??


Friday night, there was a year-end party for the Running Addicts! The Sports Basement was awesome and let us have the party in their Summit room!


There was plenty to grub on throughout the evening:


And there were raffle prizes throughout the evening. I was able to win a couple from the trivia questions:


It was such a nice atmosphere to be around fellow runners! And we even had an RA pinata (custom-made!)…


I secretly wanted to elbow my way in and get all the goodies for myself, but I tried to keep my cool at least until the little children got some goodies.


I won two raffle prizes! They are both water bottles for long/hot runs:


It’s pretty nifty and way better than actually having to hold on to the bottle. I’m thinking of hosting a giveaway for one of them, so just be on the lookout for that this coming week!


I finally caught the darned cold that has been making its way through the area. I actually feel much better today (but my head feels like a balloon that has too much air in it… pressure everywheres), but yesterday really sucked. I was complaining and crap, but Joe was nice and got me tea a couple times, got me some Dayquil (when I thought I was about to get the flu because my muscles were so fatigued and starting to ache), and he prepped some soup for me…

A little later, I felt pretty good and wanted to go out to get IN-N-OUT. He thought I was faking my illness…


I don’t get sick often, so when I finally come down with anything, it’s a big deal. I’m whiny and annoying. Even if I have a high threshold for other kinds of pain, I can’t handle a sore throat or achy muscles.

Can’t get sick this week… it’s finals week!

So whatever it is, I hope it goes away soon.

The saddest part? I had to back out of the Christmas relay that was supposed to be in Lake Merced! I had a feeling that if I was out there on a cold morning running around, my cold would get worse… so I made the executive decision to not run it. It makes me sad because it’s a relay, and I was letting my team down (<—actually, we had all agreed that it was a fun run, plus everyone on the team is faster than me, so it’s not like they were counting on my mediocre running pace :P).

Anyways, it’s the first time I did that, so I’m sad… but also I think it was a smart decision. I gotta bring my A-game for the finals!


Hah… this post was way more wordy than I planned. Oh, well.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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