Keeping It Easy

Woke up this morning feeling like crap (or more like snot, to be exact). Turns out that1 chin the roommates are sick, too! Haha, isn’t it just our luck that we should all get sick for finals week??

Whatevers. I’ll get over it.

I was working on a final paper and zipped through the first part of it… and then I started to feel antsy. I didn’t get to have any workouts this weekend because I was feeling so crummy, so I’m feeling extra bloated (although I think my body was super inflamed and hot yesterday because it was almost the flu?). I wanted to do some kind of workout but not go too crazy with a run.

Upper body workout, it is!

Building up to pull-up Phase 3.5 

Sets 1 through 4: 1 chin-up, 1 hold (my arms were bent 90 degrees and I just held it there as long as I could. Longest 7 seconds of my life). Then 6 “walk-the-planks” in pull-up position. The subsequent holds ended up getting shorter and shorter… 6 seconds, 5 seconds, 4 seconds.

Set 5: 1 chin-up, then 7 “walk-the-planks” (my arms were soooo weak that I couldn’t do another hold).

4 sets of 15 push-ups. It feels like my face turns hella red when I do push-ups. Pretty sure I’m sort of holding my breath when I shouldn’t be.

Then AbRipperX, some plank variations, and 15 minutes of pilates for the lower body.



Yesterday, there was a bake sale at church!


The junior high girls were having a bake sale to raise funds to make toiletry kits (tooth paste, toilet paper, shampoos, soaps, blankets) for the homeless.

Apparently, Michael really likes lemon bars (he bought four of them!):


My older brother also bought several mochi’s and more of those little cheesecake cupcakes. SO YUMMY!

And those desserts must have been really tasty because they were able to surpass their goal of $300 (for a total of $400!!!).


Had Christmas skit practice yesterday.

Whoever is playing Scrooge is pretty awesome, but also frightening. And that Scrooge actor has some major thunder thighs 😉


Also, there is this awesome box that I still have to open:



1.) It is something that has to be activated.

2.) My dad’s previous company sends him stuff every year and he decided to give it to me (because my brothers already kind of have something like it).

3.) It comes with a stylus.



Hope you guys are having a better start to the week than me!

Have a blessed week 😀


*Edited to add: I (now) realized that today was supposed to be a blog day of silence. I do not intend to diminish the tragedy that happened in CT last week. I know what I talk about is meaningless and trivial compared to the lives that were lost and greatly affected. Please pray for the families who are mourning and in great need of comfort during this time.

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