Whoa. It’s not even noon and I feel like I had an extremely productive day!

I woke up feeling much better than the yesterday. I was able to actually breathe out of both nostrils.

Opened the front door and saw that my FarmFreshToYou package arrived right on time:


What came in the box this time?


CHARD? Holy moly… and LEEKS? Actually I’ve used leeks before, but luckily, it also came with a couple recipes on the back:


I’m definitely enjoying this service. It really does allow me to use produce I’ve always been intimidated of AND it’s organic and local!

Any good chard recipes? I’ll try to use that one soon because it seems like one of those veggies that will become bitter if not used quickly.


I finished writing my final paper (I worked on it throughout the day yesterday and just had to edit and write the conclusion). My next final is Thursday night. o___O Why do I have endless amounts of time for finals than compared to during the school year??


Went to the mall today.

No, I was not exactly there to shop. I was there to open this thing:


And I got it activated:


That’s the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I’ve finally crossed over into smartphoneland.

The only reason I got this is because my dad got it for free from Samsung and offered it to me (all the guys in my family already have smartphones and Lord knows my mom would not know what to do with this thing).

It’s HUGE (I put a pen there for size comparison, but now it just looks like a tiny pen)… but I carry a purse, so it’s not a big deal (if I was going to put it in my pocket, it’d have to be some pockets in cargo pants or overalls).

So what can be done when such a cool device is in my hands???

Absolutely nothing.

I’m one of those gadget-illiterate persons. I’ll practice and learn… don’t want this device to go to waste to only be used as a phone. <— Ahhh… remember the days when a cell phone was just a phone?


Plan for today? Well I already did about 1.5 miles of walking to get to the mall and back to the apartment. I might want to make this an easy day, too.

Then again, the weather is sooo perfect right now for a run! We’ll see how I feel in a couple hours.

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

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