Yoga’s Tough

I don’t know if it is because I’ve been sick and haven’t had a real workout since Friday… but when I did some yoga yesterday, it was incredibly hard! 

I like to do the Yoga video from P90X and I usually stop the video a little after halfway. I don’t like to do the ones where we’re bending and putting pressure on the spine with legs in the air. I would prefer to do that in a studio where the instructor can correct the posture.

Anyways, I did 47 minutes last night. I was going to go to the gym with my roommate, but it was supposedly super cold and windy out, so we didn’t want to walk the 0.10 mile to the car.

My legs were quaking and shaking as I held some of those postures! Oh, and my quads and ass were on fire! I don’t remember it being that hard, but I guess my muscles got used to doing nothing for several days and then I hit them hard with some yoga and WHAMO, I’m sweating (like… dripping beads of sweat) and stretching up a storm in a tiny little space!

I love love love yoga. It is kind of an awesome compliment to running. Non-impact, works the core, opens the chest and hips, stretches the hamstrings and calves, works on balance, and strengthens the stabilizer muscles in the ankles! How can you not like it?

YOGA. DO IIIIIIIIT. If you’re super not flexible in the beginning, just keep at it. You’ll be so amazed at the vast improvements with regular practice <— I guess that could be said for pretty much anything.


My next final seems miles and miles away (tomorrow night). I’m actually about 90% through studying for it. WHO AM I.

So instead, I’ve been playing the MyVegas game on Facebook to try to get as many loyalty points as possible (you can redeem it for real stuff).

There’s going to be a Las Vegas trip next week with some cool peoples. Joseph here has been playing the Facebook game for several weeks longer than me and was able to get all of us a nice  suite. SWEET (ya see what I did there ;D?).


Kind of bad if I’m not even thinking about the finals I have left and just dreaming off to vacation time.

Anyways, I’m kind of liking the fact that I’ve had some time off from super high intensity workouts. At the same time, I sincerely miss running! The nice jellyroll I’m getting doesn’t seem to care much about me missing running though.

If I go to the gym today, I’m going to do a mix of all the cardio machines. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten my butt on the darned Never-ending Staircase of Awesome Badonadonkville.


Christmas is right around the corner, folks 🙂

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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