How to Kill It at the Gym After a Break

Went to the gym yesterday (finally). I hadn’t run or done cardio since last Friday (*gasp*). My body was primed for some high intensity work!

I wanted to do pretty much all of the cardio machines.

Stairclimber: 30 minutes (20 minutes at level 10 and 10 minutes at level 11-12).

Treadmill: 30 minutes, 3.70 miles. Started around 7.2 mph and kept it speeding up to 7.7mph or so. I can’t remember.

Elliptical: 20 minutes (resistance at 9, varying inclines and pedaling forward and backwards).

Spin bike: 20 minutes. Did little sprints every time I turned the page of my magazine (then it would naturally slow down because I would forget while reading, haha).

Then I was a good girl and actually took a nice 5 minutes to foam roll and cool down. You would have been so annoyed of the smug look I had on my face as I rolled everything out (I was also calculating how much cardio I’d done and felt awesome about 100 minutes of work!).

I felt cleansed and wonderful. Love those endorphins. Strange thing is that I could have gone on the treadmill for another 3 miles, but I didn’t want to risk not recovering from this cold 100% (I still had a bit of coughing and the sniffles).

In any case, I totally killed it. Sweating like it’s Bikram cardio is pretty nice. Don’t worry, I wipe down everything with disinfectant after 😛


I did a not-so-smart thing and registered for a half marathon (it was actually free because I volunteered at a different race). The thing that wasn’t so smart is that it’s back-to-back with another half marathon (running one with Esther on Saturday, then running this one on Sunday).

It will just be an easy run, both ways. I won’t be looking to PR (obviously), but I’ll still have a rough time goal for it.


Project I was working on last night:


^That’s what you see when you’re 3 inches away (this is how I make friendship bracelet type things).

This is from 3 feet away:


Still a work in progress.

I surely hope you see some kind of shape in the middle there.


Okay. More studying for my last two finals. I hope I don’t go back to working on the project and end up not studying enough.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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