Out of Vegas and On to L.A.

WE’RE IN LOS ANGELES NOW, WHAAAAAAT. [Actually, part of this post was written late Saturday night… I don’t know. The times and stuff might be all over the place]

Haha. More specifically, Wi Spa:


We got here around 6:00pm, the perfect time for dinner. The food at this place is pretty flippin’ expensive, but whatevers. Kalbi and bibimnaengmyun.

Ooh, and dduckbokki:


After dinner, we waited and digested a bit by watching Running Man. Then we took advantage of the nice gym there and worked up a sweat:


What a great boyfriend.

He was keeping his maniac, running-addicted girlfriend company as she decided to work up more of a sweat.

Oh, I should mention… I went to the gym Saturday morning before we left.

Treadmill session #1: 

EASY 9 miles in 1:18. This run felt way better than yesterday’s treadmill run.

Then like 10 minutes of core work with the stability ball. HOLY CRAP, THE BUUURN.

Treadmill session #2 (at Wi Spa):
3 miles, about 25 minutes. I did some lat pull-downs and shoulder burnouts… just because. 
Total: 12 miles for the day. I was going to do one more, but I don’t really want to end it on an odd number… even though I could have just made it a half marathon…
After the gym, we went to the different sauna rooms (or whatever the heck they’re called). We spent about 25 minutes in the salt room, then 20 minutes in the jade room, then about 15 minutes in the clay room. We finished with just over 5 minutes in the super cold ice room (dang the sweat was steaming from my body. Super cool <–HAHA… but also incredibly gross). 
We left all the romanticalness of Las Vegas behind:
^If you didn’t know, we are a coupon-loving folk. We ate at this restaurant with a view (at The Hotel) and got $50 off. 
Okay. I was going to put up some more pictures of the whole group, but the internet here is annoyingly slow, so I’ll save them for another time. 
I’ll also save the GOOD EATS photos for next time, too 🙂
I hope you are all having a fabulous couple days before New Year’s Eve!

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