I Feel…

… I feel so darned bloated and antsy. I haven’t done any running or workout since late Saturday night *GASP*.

Oh, well. It’s still the holidays, yeah? (NO).

Still sad though. I wanted to get a “last run of the year” in… as well as a “great run on the first day of 2013”.

I’ll just put in a good run or workout today, I guess.

On the other hand, Joe was forced to dance. HEHE!


His little cousin Hannah is the cutest girl ever, and she wanted to play Just Dance with everyone.

She later totally made fun of his “dancing” by standing and swinging one arm around and around. He didn’t even move his legs.

BTW, that game is HECKA FUN. If I had the right clothes on, I probably would have done all the songs. Actually, if I drank a couple more beers, that definitely would have happened, haha.


So looking back at some of the goals I set last year, I kind of got owned on a few…

I DID get to do 2 pull-ups (haha, at the tail end of December).

DID set a new PR for the half marathon (1:41:57) at the San Jose RNR half.

DID NOT beat my old mile time of 6:39. I didn’t even try it again last year.

DID NOT set a PR for the full marathon (3:40 from 2011’s CIM).

So I will still be looking to do the last two. Who am I kidding… I’m ALWAYS looking to PR at the SJ RNR halfs. <–halves?

For this year, I want to do some more trail running when the weather gets nice (or HOT, since there is more shade on the trails). Also, more yoga. I love love love yoga, but I don’t do it consistently.

Through my running group, The Running Addicts, I should also be able to volunteer for races more this year. I did it like 3 times at the end of last year and really enjoyed them all!

As far as my spiritual walk, I severely fell off from doing my daily devotion around November (which was going strong for a couple years?). I want to get back into doing it on a regular basis. Incorporating it into my mornings should help me get back to be consistent.


Kind of a lame first post of the year, but I figure if I set the bar really low, it can only go up from here, yeah?

^The anthem of a tired, lazy, travel-worn girl.

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