Mommy-Daughter Day

Helloooo! Yesterday was so much fun! It wasn’t just any other Tuesday… I got to hang out with my mama!

We usually go to the mall or Downtown Los Gatos and window shop. Actually, I end up being the shopping bag carrier, haha.

I truly don’t need any more clothes, so we didn’t do any shopping there (just window-shop I guess?). However, we had some fun at Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table (freaking huge sales, mang).


You know for sure that I’m her daughter because I was looking at that same exact breakfast sandwich tray just moments before she got it and showed it to me.

She also got recognized while we were grocery shopping by one of her patients (my mom is a mother-baby nurse). The patient was thanking her so much and told me I have the nicest mom.

I later as my mom if she recognized her and she said: “I’m like a celebrity. Everyone knows me but I don’t know them.” And she laughed hecka loudly.

I laugh like she does, too. Hehe šŸ™‚


Then after work, I got to join another mother and daughter for some catch up time!


It had been such a long time since I’d seen them (maybe 1.5 months?) and Eliyah has gotten so big since the last time I saw her!

She even clapped because she was so happy to see me šŸ˜€


Okay, not really. The first half of my time there, it was mostly me smiling at her and her wondering who I am:


While I was there, we got to talk and share about what’s been going on these days. Susan is also someone I can share my spiritual life with. She is such an amazing friend for accountability. God has truly blessed me to have a wonderful sister like Susan in my life.

And God has truly blessed their home with the joyful Spirit!


^Such an adorable family, huh?

And also, they love guacamole.

I brought over the stuff to make guacamole and had too few avocado because it turned out one of them went BAD, hmph. It also had too much cilantro, but they love cilantro, so it was all good.

We killed the whole bowl of guac. It was awesome šŸ˜€


When I got home last night, I did about 75 minutes on the elliptical while watching shows on Netflix.

Ooh, I also practice guitar. Why can’t those darned callouses form yet? It still hurts a LOT.


This morning, I made a protein-filled breakfast:


I also ate a hard-boiled egg while this stuff was cooking up.

An egg (in the breakfast tray thing bought yesterday) with random stuff sprinkled on it, onions, broccoli, and two crabcakes (actually, mommy made those. I just reheated them).

I am so very full now.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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