I did dropsets for the first time yesterday with my leg workout. 

First, I warmed up on the treadmill for one mile (8:24). 

Then I went to the squat rack to get a little  crazy. 

Warm-up: 75# (16 reps)

1st set: 125# for 16 reps. Immediately after, I removed some weights from the rack and went to my 2nd set: 115# for 16 reps. Then remove some weights again and go right to 3rd set: 105# for 16 reps. Remove some more and immediately do 4th set: 95# for 16 reps. 

I was drenched in sweat after all these squats. It was insane! My body was not used to going without rest, so I was breathing heavy- as if I had just finished a sprint- and my legs were quivering. 

Then I did two sets on the leg press and was pretty disappointed by it… I don’t like how my upper body doesn’t have to be a part of the work. If you’ve done squats at the rack, you know that your core is engaged, your shoulders/arms are supporting. I just like that everything is workout together (it’s not just your badonkaroo). 

Stiff-legged deadlifts: 1st set was warm-up with 95# for 12 reps. Then I think I just did 105# for 12 reps twice. It was strange but my left hand was getting tired. My guess is because of all the guitar-practicing. 

Lunges: 12 forward lunges on each side with a 25# plate, then 12 side- lunges on each side (with the plate). It was a bit too light, so for my second set, I did 12 backward lunges on each leg with a 35# plate, then 12 side-lunges on each leg (hugging the plate). 

To finish, I did about 7 minutes of core work

Okay, so technically, I only did one dropset, but it was a mean dropset. I’m totally doing those in future workouts to burn mega calories. I don’t know about it building hella muscle only because I’m doing high reps and pretty light weights.


Went straight to Joe’s to have some post-workout protein. We both ordered several products. I wanted to try the Vega protein:


And also this “Dessert” one (with 19g protein):


I apologize for the scary state of MY FACE after a  workout. Nothing can be done about that though. It’s my God-given face, har har.

Since I wanted lots of protein post workout, I had the Dessert one. It was pretty good with a hint of YUCK. I think protein powders usually have a hint of it. I don’t mind it. It lets me know that I’m not just drinking chocolate milk (which is also good post-workout). 


Joe has three By th’ Bucket vouchers that expire on Friday. We are trying to go three days straight to use them all!

The deal was… I was going to watch him play basketball and we would leave at 8:45pm to make it there by 9:00pm and enjoy the NBA games while eating a cioppino.  

Well, the Mister wanted to get in a couple more games. I told him he had better win because I was starving and I don’t want to wait around to watch him lose. 

… not that I would leave him there. He had the voucher for dinner. 

I only complained like once eight times while they were playing. I never go that long without eating a meal (real meal at 11:00am, protein powder around 3:00pm, and then NOTHING… just air and water). 

Not to worry. Once we got there, we beasted:


Joe saw a salad that was PERFECT for me… Golden Beet salad. If you know me, then you know I love love love beets!


We were kind of loving the goat cheese, too. I love that it had tomatoes, BASIL, sunflower seeds, and yummy lemon vinaigrette.

Then the cioppino came out:



You best believe this stuff was eaten with a couple rounds of bread.

It was so good! And super filling because they had all sorts of seafood in there… and that means protein, which is super filling.


I ate a weird breakfast today…



It had lettuce, soba noodles, two hard-boiled eggs, a whole tomato, and two tbsp of Asian soy dressing (which was waaay too much).

Plan for the day:

Play with Vanna bear. Practice guitar. Run outside (or at the gym if the weather gets even slightly crummy… because I are extremely wimpy). Work. Then By th’ Bucket Round 2.

Have a wonderful day!! 

3 responses to “Dropsets

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  2. Have you tasted the vega yet? I’ve been wanting to it for a while now, really would love to get a plant based protein! Used to love the BDN Dessert (vanilla), but get more bang for my buck (as far as price and ingredients) with ON Gold Standard whey. Let me know what you think 🙂

  3. Ooh I used to drink the Gold standard one, too! I just wanted to try this plant-based one. I love that it has a lot of potassium instead of sodium, which makes sense since it’s plant based. I’d recommend it! The flavor is pretty unique and it’s actually really sweet compared to other plant-based ones I’ve taken.

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