First Anniversary

Guess what…

It has been ONE YEAR since I started this blog! So it’s actually a BLOGGIVERSARY! WOO HOO!

How to celebrate?


Just kidding. If I had the monies, I would totally do something awesometastic.

The way I will actually celebrate is with a lot of sweating (some kind of workout) AND a facial in the afternoon.

Why did I start this blog? To pretty much defeat the weight of silence. Sometimes, it can do good, but other times, we just gotta get the conversation rolling about what’s really going on in our lives.

The things that bring us guilt and shame? It’s usually accompanied by loneliness because we are unwilling to SAY IT. Many times, there are others who are suffering in similar ways.. and we all just suffer in silence.

Eating disorders are a BIG SECRET, except when it becomes really obvious that someone is suffering, yet no one really knows how to bring it up.

For me, it is therapeutic to be able to talk about my (past or present) issues with food. Ever since I started blogging, I have not purged, I have not taken diet pills, and I have not done any weird cleanses or extreme detox things (the one where you have liquid poo because you’re only eating fruits and vegetables or juice).

It is also wonderful to hear from some readers about their struggles to accept and love their God-given bodies.

On a somewhat-related note, did you know God is a perfectionist? He never does things or makes things and says, “… Whatever, I’m tired. That’s good enough.” No, He makes something and it is GOOD. He doesn’t accidentally have something created… He makes everything with a specific purpose and plan. He puts care and thought into everything He makes. 

If a perfectionist Creator created you, then you are pretty darned awesome. Sometimes, I forget who my Father is. I forget who claims me and calls me His own.

I hope this blog can be found as one with a positive message… as well as just a bit of silly, meaningless things. 😛

Oh, and I am a Korean American girl who isn’t stick-thin… hence the name. Even though I used to hate my big thighs (and still dislike them once in a while), I find them as a blessing. STRONG and POWERFUL are good adjectives. Why shouldn’t it be good if it also describes my legs/body?


Joe and I had By th’ Bucket for the second time in two days (Joe had vouchers that expire very soon).

Started with two salads. Golden Beets salad with lemon vinaigrette:


And Humboldt Fog goat(?) cheese with raspberry vinaigrette.


I was totally trying to figure out with one I liked better, and I really couldn’t decide. They’re both so very delicious!

For the entree, we shared the Seafood Linguine:


Lots and lots of seafood! It was good, especially with the basket of bread (haha, I should try to cut down on the BREAD).

Right after, I headed over to church for a sisters’ accountability and prayer group meeting!

There were all sorts of sweets to eat:


I had way more strawberries than that, as well as several slices of apples.

It was so great to be able to have these big sisters in my life. They offer so much wisdom, generosity, and kindness. I’m truly blessed to have them in my life!


Yesterday was a rest day. My Dropset leg workout kind of made me sore in a crazy way! The muscles really deep down feel sore. It’s not like the usual one where it’s just sore everywhere.

Anyways, hope you have a fantabulous Friday!

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