I joined the Running Addicts for what was supposed to be a 10 to 12-mile run yesterday.

We got together in Fremont and were itching to start running since it was super duper freezing:


^(Thanks, Nik, for the nice group photo!)

It was 35 degrees outside when we started! I am impressed by those who can wear shorts! Then again, I am an ultra wimp with in cold weather.

The trail is super long and we ran mostly on gravel (though little parts were pavement):


I was running with these RA’s who found me on the trail (as I was asking a nice woman where I can find a water fountain… I was somehow 4 or 5 miles into the run without water).


For some reason, my Garmin refuses to pick up the ANT signal or something, so I can’t tell you much about the splits… except that I wasn’t too concerned with them.

This was my FIRST RUN OUTSIDE of the year. How awful is that, huh? I guess since I neglected the Garmin for about a month, it was only getting even with me by throwing this little hissy fit. 

Anyways, we saw a lot of this:


And I wasn’t exactly calculating when was the best time to turn around. For the most part, I wasn’t running at a comfortable pace… I was trying to run slower than my usual comfortable pace (except there were moments when I was antsy and I remember running an 8:39 and an 8:40-something here and there). 

It was my first long run in a long time and I didn’t want to over-do it.

Well, things were overdone around mile 13? We were perhaps 2 or 2.5 miles from the end and we needed to go back and find another group of runners. I felt okay at the time, and decided to go back.

Around this 1.5 or 2 miles away from my car, I realized: “Dude, I’m freaking tired.”

I didn’t eat breakfast because I was running a little late, I only drank water (except I felt thirsty for most of the miles), and I had no GU or other electrolytes.

Even though I wasn’t running hard, I was still running a long time. I was still sweating and moving a long time. In any case, I had to head back toward the car before we found that group. 

The run back was when the wheels came off. I think around mile 15 or 16, I was toasty toast. I had to start walking, and since I hadn’t run in my PureFlows in forever, my heels were hurting. Perhaps I’m an aggressive heel-striker and shouldn’t wear them for long runs.

When I got back to my car, my Garmin read 19.25 miles. HOLY MOLY. 

Hahaha I’ve never run 7 to 9 miles more than what was planned. Even though some of those miles looked kind of easy as far as speed, with no electrolytes in the system after a couple hours… well weird stuff started happening. 

My buttcheeks were spasming!! Almost like it would just cramp if I didn’t stop to stretch it and massage it a little. I’ve never had that happen (hence the slowing down around mile 15 or 16). I had to do that every quarter mile until I made it back to my car. Craziness. 

Thinking back on it this morning, I’m pretty happy about the run. Hahaha, there is no way I would have gone out there if it was going to be for a 19+-miler. At the same time, it would have been awesome to plan for it. OH, WELL. I’m super happy to get a real long run down in the books for the year. 


Let’s go backwards to Friday, where I had a meet-up with my friend Noel and her super cute son, Urijah!


Joe sent a coupon that let’s you have a free small Matcha green tea latte with a purchase of a baked good or oatmeal:


Noel has been my mentor and friend for foreverrr. She started teaching my class Bible studies when I was in seventh grade and she was in high school. I’ve really been blessed with this wonderful woman of God in my life! I’m always excited to see Urijah and have him charm me with his cutie pie smile:



Joe was craving Chinese food yesterday:


He was especially craving tang su yook (sweet and sour pork with special sauce). I just went with the asparagus and chicken… which is my favorite vegetable with my favorite meat (or poultry. Whatever). 

This was a LOT of food! We had enough leftover for three people!

And since it was the first time ever that we had a whole Saturday with nothing to do, we just vegged out with lots of snacks and drinks.


Sake. I really wanted sake last night, so we went to Ranch 99 Market to get some sake as well as a ton of other snacks.

Didn’t know which sake it was that I had this one time when I really enjoyed it… so I just went with the two prettiest bottles. HAH.

We enjoyed the drinks and crunchy snacks while watching Family Outing. Lots of laughs, and so much fun to be blobs on a Saturday (well, technically, I wasn’t so blobular in the morning with that 19-mile run). This was Joe’s last weekend before starting his last semester in Santa Clara Law. Crazy, huh? Time flew by so quickly!


 Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

 Hope you had a nice Saturday, too 😉

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