Fitness Test

I led a group workout yesterday. It was the first one of the year.

First we started with about 5 minutes of warm-ups, then I instructed them on 12 different exercises. Each one was done for one minute, and only a couple of them were done for time (hold as long as possible).

There was a lot of stuff done on the floor, a couple of plyometrics, and some static holds.

Jump-switch lunges (I had to tell them to keep their body upright, knees over ankles, etc)


Plank toe taps



Power Jumps (land softly, get knees up as high as possible, stop if you are going to yack or if you feel dizzy… or can’t breathe):


Wall sit for time (some people got up to about 2 minutes, which is not easy):


We did a total of 12 exercises. 12 minutes of real work (rest in between each one). Mega calorie burn, folks!

I have all their numbers. We’re going to do this exact same test in 2 months and see how much they have improved!

If you do not keep a workout log, I highly encourage it. I like to write what workout, the amount of time, the course (if I’m running outside), and any special notes… such as what time of day, if you did or did not eat something before the workout, if you worked out with someone there, the effort level, etc.

Sounds like a lot, but I looked back at my runs from a couple years ago and had so many questions… where did I run this? What did I eat during that long run? Etc. etc.

And it’s always fun to see your miles times get faster, your workouts get more intense, and the weights getting heavier.


Joe and I tried out Indo Cafe, which is in Downtown Saratoga.


I got the yellow coconut rice one, which came with beef, chili egg, a fishcake, and a fried chicken. Joe got the one with steamed white riche. It came with some curries, the same slow-cooked beef, chili egg, and some kind of uber spicy green chili stuff.

It was definitely flavorful and something we can’t whip up at home! So so filling, but I’ll need to add some veggies to it next time. Totally missing greens.

Oh, wait. There’s greens in the Iced Cendol (kind of like Vietnamese Che but with less stuff… which makes me sad):


I’m sure green jelly doesn’t count as greens. The drink was super sweet, but kind of addicting. Glad Joe and I shared it. Way too many calories to have on my own!


Hope you had a fantabulous weekend!

Do you keep a workout log of some sort? Handwritten? Online? On your phone?

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