Need Some Motivation?

If you know me, you know I’m not much of a wiz with the smartphone.


Well yesterday, my brother Michael told me about a cool fitness app called Nexercise!

I downloaded it and simply put the phone in my pocket while I ran on the treadmill. I kept it as an easy treadmill session. I completed 6 miles running and 1 mile walking as a cool down. Took me 65 minutes, and it was kind of recorded on Nexercise. Since it tracks the movement by GPS, it said I covered 0.34 mile. That means I move around teeny tiny bits on the treadmill as I run.


They don’t have a treadmill for one of their activities, but they have practically everything else! Treadclimber, yoga, Insanity, P90X, R.I.P.P.E.D., BodyPump, and the list goes on.

The only thing is that my phone is ginormo… it felt like running with a small book in my pocket. I don’t know how I would have the phone on me- which is timing and recording your movements- when I’m doing yoga or jumping around doing Insanity.

In any case, the coolest thing is that you can rack up points and redeem gift cards with them!

So if you need a bit more motivation to work out, get this app and try it out!


Another great motivator is something my running group (The RunningAddicts, WOOT WOOT!) told me about.

Plus3Network is a site that allows you to log your workouts and earn “kudos” which will be matched with donations to a charity they are connected with (which you get to choose). Since joining a couple months ago, I have raised more than $64 for my charity!

So if you join the site and log your weight training, your treadmill sessions, or link you Garmin up with the site (SUPER AWESOME FEATURE), then you’ll be on your way to raising monies for good causes!


I’m going to try to use the Nexercise one when our church goes skiing in TAHOE this weekend. They have different skiing activities, but I’ll be set on the “downhill” one.

And I’ll be sure to record it on Plus3Network as well 😀


Speaking of Tahoe, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE TAHOE.

Last time the young adult went out there for a trip, it looked like this:


^(BTW, my face is super scary here. I do not apologize. The Lord hath my my face like so).

This time, it will look more like this:


AHHHH Michael (my younger brother) looks so cute here! Looks so young 😛

Anyways, this is when our church went up to ski/snowboard two years ago. It was super beautiful and perfect weather! I CAN’T WAIT!


Okay. Gotta practice some guitar, workout, and then head off to tutor!

Have a blessed day!!

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