Yesterday, I was on the treadmill while watching Law&Order:SVU


I reached 7 miles at 62:22, and then power-walked one more mile (4.8mph walking at 2% incline).

It felt wonderful to be on there and sweat! At the same time, I feel like this could be what are called “junk miles”. It wasn’t a specific type of workout (well, just an easy run, I guess). I just wanted to get some more miles on my workout log because it’s relatively low for the month so far.



Got a medal in the mail yesterday:


Remember when I participated in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon in November? Well I guess I placed top 3 in my age group, so they were kind enough to send me a medal!


Last night, I felt energized instead of ready to blobularize in bed… so I messaged Joe to see if he wanted to go to the gym with me. He said he’d go after the Lakers game. This would be my second workout of the day. Haven’t done two-a-days in a long long time!

So we got to the gym around 10:15pm and I switched off between spotting Joe and doing some back work.

It has been FOREVER since I did a lat pulldown! Holy moly… my arms were shaking just doing some biceps curl burnouts at the end!

I warmed up with 70# for 16 reps. Then went up to 80# for 12 reps. I was hoping to do a dropset, so I went up to 90# and did it until failure… 4 reps. And when I say 4 reps, I’m talking super slow, red-in-the-face, veins-popping reps. Haha, 90# is just too much for me I guess.

I did some rows, too. 80# was just fine for that one. 8-10 reps for 2 sets. Then I went to the stairmaster to do some sweating!

Level 10 felt way too easy, even for a warm-up. I remember the days when level 8 seemed too fast.

Anyways, 20 minutes on the stairmaster (increasing to level 13, which was a nice pace), and I was drenched in sweat. Then Joe and I did some push-ups and Joe made me realize I have been doing my push-ups wrongish.

Actually, he’s told me before that I wasn’t going low enough… I just chose not to do it and made excuses and such. I have no chest muscles.

Garsh. Real push-ups are hard. Maybe my goal for the year should be 20 real push-ups? Yesterday, I did 3 before going down and then not being able to push myself back up.


I just did an hour on the elliptical at home, as well as 25 minutes of hula hooping (it allows me to watch TV shows while not being a couch potato). I held my smartphone in my hand as the Nexercise app was on to record the movement during that time. I seriously want to get enough points to get a fat gift card.


Today’s breakfast was soooo good and so easy:


Whole wheat bread, slice of pepperjack cheese, sliced up softboiled egg, and a handful of spinach.

Best part is that the cheese oozed onto the Foreman grill and got super crispy:


They were like cheese chips. So flippin’ delicious. And WOW is that picture blurry!

I promise, there was spinach in there:


I’m definitely going to eat that same thing tomorrow, too. So yummy and filling!

Schedule today? Practice guitar some more, go do some tutoring, then go to basketball with Joe. He’s going to play, and I’m going to run around the nearby track for a bit. It’s going to be another two-a-day!

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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