First Track Session of the Year!

I was a good girl and did a track workout.

I was kind of not a good girl in that I had done an hour on the elliptical a few hours before the track session.

It ended up being good anyways. After work, I picked up Joe and Josh and we headed to church. That’s where the guys play basketball on Wednesdays.

After the first game, I got my butt to the nearby track- Campbell Community Center track. It was PACKED! There were boot camp and other group fitness classes going on when I got there.

I warmed up for two miles: 8:19, 8:14. 

Then I got to doing my 400’s. Each one was followed by a 400m jog. It was actually quite doable to run these 400’s since I got nice recovery jogs in between. I also couldn’t go all out since it was so very crowded. Anyways, the 400’s were probably around 6:10 to 6:25 pace, which seems like a huge range, but I didn’t want to go so hard that I scare myself into not doing a track workout for a year :P).


Miles 3 to 5 were SIX 400’s (with six 400m recovery jogs): 7:45, 7:43, 7:40. 

Then I did 2 cooldown miles, 8:14, 8:13.

It’s weird that I can run faster when I’m outside… when I try to run 7.3mph on the treadmill as a warm-up, it’s way too fast… but out here, I can do it, no problem.

Total for the track session: 7.0 miles in 56:09. 

I’m thinking of doing something similar to this next week when the brothers play basketball again. I hope to get into the habit of doing one track session per week. I know it’s one of the keys to becoming a faster runner that I’ve been avoiding!


I hope you can get yourself into doing an activity you dread, but you know is going to do wonders for your fitness.

REAL Push-ups.


Track work/speed sessions.

Long runs.

Plank. Plank variations.

Yoga. Stretching.




These are the activities I’ve heard people avoid or hate for one reason or another.

Some are completely avoided because the person can’t even do one rep (let’s say, for push-ups or chin-ups).

Others are not done because it’s HARD WORK (plyometrics, track sessions).

Some are not attempted because it doesn’t seem like a work out or you’re too uncomfortable during the activity (yoga or anything requiring flexibility).

And, of course, some people are scared to lift weights because they thing they’ll get yoked.

In any case, if I can get my thunderous thighs to the track, you can get yourself to do an activity you don’t enjoy YET. Maybe one day, you’ll achieve better balance and be more flexible for finally starting yoga! Or you’ll be super fit and agile after doing plyometrics regularly.

Whatever it is, DO IT… assuming your doc has okay’d you to try new fitness activities 😉


Now I’ll be held accountable to make regular visits to the track!

Have a beautiful day!

What fitness activity do you dread (even though you know it’s awesome for your fitness)?

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