Weekend Tahoe Plans

Before I let you in on my big plans for the weekend in Tahoe with my church, I’ll recap my workouts from yesterday.

Before work, I did some core work with the stability ball as well as some from Shape. I REALLY liked. the “walkout”! I not only felt it in my core, but also in my shoulders and triceps. I love when it works the whole body like that!

Then I went to tutor for a couple hours, and then went to hang out with Noel and Urijah!


He has been figuring out how to crawl all over the place as well as stand up using the furniture around him.

Urijah also decided to do some calf raises here:


Noel whipped up some breakfast for dinner. Lucky for me, I hadn’t eaten any eggs by that time, so I asked for two eggs sunny side up!


Those perfectly-fried up eggs were placed on top of toasted English muffins, topped with some shredded cheese, ketchup, and later, Tabasco sauce.

Urijah was jealous because he totally wished he could eat such a yummy looking breakfast dinner.


Had some random things for dessert:


And there were more sweets eaten throughout the hang out. It was nice to stare at Urijah as he moved around and played with his toys. We also had Running Man playing in the background for laughs and giggles 😀

After I left, I had a lot of energy and decided to make visit to the gym!

I got there around 9:30pm, hopped on the treadmill, and warmed up at 6.8mph. I increased it 0.1mph at every mile, and finished 6 miles in 51:07. Nice and easy, nothing crazy.

But the elliptical session got a little crazy. I pedaled forward at varying inclines for 20 minutes, then backwards for 20 minutes at different inclines… with the resistance set at 12 (then 13 to 14 near the end). Garsh! I was surprised how hard it was and I wanted to slow down for most of the time! It said I covered “4.25 miles” at the end of 40 minutes, but I’ll round down to “4 miles” worth of effort.

I’ve been feeling really good about my runs this week! With my super slow treadmill runs to my track session yesterday… it was a pretty good running week!


I ate a weird-but-yummy snack today before work.


About half a cup of Greek yogurt, a handful of pistachios, a handful of those dried cherries, and half a scoop of the protein powder (I decided to try that Vega one after seeing it on this super fast runner’s blog).


I mixed it up into a paste and ate it with super sweet yams (kind of like scooping peanut butter onto a banana and taking a bite… I just scooped up this chunky stuff onto the yam!).

If you’re into flavor profiles and balance and crap, you’ll think this is WEIRD. If you’re one of those people who thinks “if I like A, and I like B, A+B should taste awesome”, then you’ll enjoy something like this.

I’m someone who thinks, “If I like A, B, C, D, and E…” well, you know the rest. 😉


Though things aren’t finalized, Joe and I are planning on snow-shoeing on Saturday! I just hope it is available and the line isn’t too long. I’ve been wanting to snow-shoe for a while now. It’s supposed to be a mega calorie burner.

It’s also cheaper than skiing because you don’t have to pay for the lift ticket. OMG I HOPE IT ALL WORKS OUT!


Have you ever been snow-shoeing?

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