If I Can Do It…

… so can you! And I’m talking about whipping up simple and easy eats!

I made some protein pancakes today. They are certainly filling and dense (but just to warn you, they are protein pancakes, so they will not taste as light and fluffy as normal ones). 

I made a big batch, but with two different toppings/fix-ins:

The batter was one baked sweet potato (I had it blended in with the skin. It’s got fiber and lotsa love), a banana, two eggs, and two scoops of black bean protein powder (my mom claims it’s super good quality and was sent over from Korea). 


I decided to bedazzle that one with some chopped up walnuts:


I put it on low-medium heat (but it should have been LOW) and probably was away from it for just a bit too long…



Ahh, well. I was able to peel off the burnt layer, haha (I think I always seem to do this with my pancakes).

The second one had oatmeal mixed into it:


Eew. Dunno why it’s all foaming at the top…

Anyways, you should play around with recipes like this. It’s kind of fun to put a bunch of things together and see if you like it.

If not, just put a gigantic slab of almond butter on it to mask the flavors.

Actually, the pancake tasted good, but I put almond butter anyways. Might as well get even more protein!


And here are some nice kitchen gear for a noob:


If you’re wondering what the heck that is… it’s an oil dispenser brush!


If you just squeeze it a tiny bit, the oil will dispense and allow you to coat the pan evenly. I LOVES IT.

And in the background of that picture, you can see the trusty slow-cooker:


That thing was like 10 bucks. It actually belongs to my roommate, but she doesn’t use it much… so I have it working almost every day when I’m at school. It makes my lunches and dinners.

What I had it cooking up today (if you can even call it “cooking”) is veggie butternut squash soup! That carton from Trader Joe’s was relatively cheap (like $3? $4?). I just chopped up a bunch of veggies, threw it in the slow-cooker, poured the soup over it, and BOOM (or… more like a couple hours later) the soup was all done. 

I kind of love using kale in soups. It gets wilted but still has a nice texture. It reminds me of some of the things that go into Korean stews (most of which I don’t even know the names, haha). 


Even though I am a pretty hardcore noob in the kitchen, I still love trying things out. Here are some blogs that feature a lot of cool recipes (from women who actually know what they’re doing):

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life


PB Fingers

Girl Meets Paleo

Those are just some of the blogs I’m lovin’ these days (actually, I’ve been following the first two for over a year). 


I’m going to beast on that oatmeal protein pancake now. Hope you’re enjoying your Thursday so far!


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